Understanding the Advertisement Cost on Instagram

   With 800 million active users, is there another platform that can help you build your brand online? Of course, none! Instagram can give you the success you want as long as you have your goals and tactics. 

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     Price of Instagram Ad

          The typical price for advertising on Instagram differs depending on your brand’s competitiveness, but it usually ranges from $0.50 to $1.00. Keep in mind that in Instagram advertising, you must consider the significance, expected rate of operation, and the amount you will offer. These are factors that will help you calculate the actual price you’ll pay for the advertisement.

     Determining the cost of Instagram advertising

          Instagram advertisement is one of the best deals ever that happens in a blink of an eye. There is no need for you to listen and lift your paddle as a sign that you want the item. Instead, you’re telling the auction system how far you want to go.

          In Instagram advertising, the brands bid for the advertisement space. The higher money you’re willing to pay, the higher the chance that you will get the spot. But always remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve rendered the highest monetary offer. To understand this more, let us proceed to the auction process.

     Auction Process

          The action mechanism on Instagram is the Facebook Advertising Manager. Every advertisement on Instagram started on Facebook’s simple advertisement platform. You have the authority to pick wherever you want your advertisement to show. It can be in a variety of different locations or other affiliated Facebook websites. 

          Your offered price for the advertisement on Instagram doesn’t just decide if you can have the spot but also the location of your product or service advertisement. If you are not hitting for a competitive crowd, you could get a space even with a low offered money. But if you want the competitive space, there’s no positioning for your ad at all.

     Elements that decides the price of the advertisement

          Advertisement on Instagram doesn’t just revolve around the money you offer.

 Here are three elements that decide the price of your product or service advertisement:

  •                Significance 

                      Significance refers to the connection of your advertisement to the people who will see it. You get an influence on whoever views your advertisement through the access from comprehensive data collected by Facebook. In choosing your viewers, you can focus on the user’s demography, organization, beliefs, location, and behavior.           

  •                Expected rate of activity

                        The expected rate of activity is the prediction of Instagram for the exposure your advertisement will get. It matches your advertisement with related advertising, your business, viewers, and other variables. Keep in mind that if you’re underperforming their predictions, your rating on significance will be reduced. Meanwhile, if you’re outperforming their predictions, your significance will continue to grow. 

  •                   Your real deal

                           Do we need to explain this further? Your real deal refers to your goals in advertising on Instagram. It affects the price of the advertisement as it depends on how far you want your business to go.

     Is advertising on Instagram worth it?

          Instagram advertising won’t be successful if you don’t follow the right tactics. But first, you have to understand the ability of Instagram to boost awareness about your brands and how it can increase your sales. 

So, here are 5 Strategies to get a high return on investment with a low cost on your Instagram ads:

  1. Make your goals clear

                     If you are not aware of what you need to do, you’ll have to spend a high amount of money with sales as your outcome. If this is the first time you’ll get an advertisement, you have to go through the following: 

                         – Create your own identity

                         – Reach—Increase exposure 

                         – Commitment 

                         – Installing an application for in-app transactions 

                         – Begin a discussion

                 Keep in mind that in advertising, you must be specific with your goals on doing this campaign. This goal will be the basis of Facebook in assisting you in targeting the right social media users.

  1. Utilize Call-To-Action buttons

                    ‘Purchase now’ and ‘Contact us’ are some of the call-to-action buttons you may be afraid of using. But you don’t need to be scared of telling your viewers what they can or should do because they actually like to know what you want them to do.

  1. Be relevant

                    In creating an advertisement, you must concentrate on people and pets who are enjoying the product or service you offer. For instance, if your business is about landscape gardening, you can feature a beautifully crafted garden. But if your advertisement has a family having quality time in the same landscape garden, there is a higher chance that you will attract the buyer.

                  You are not just selling a product or offering a service on Instagram. You are selling the experience that consumers can expect when purchasing your product or business. That’s how advertising on Instagram should be.

  1. Convey a story

                      Instagram has always been about visual storytelling. With one image, you can create an impact as long as it conveys an emotional reaction. Advertisements like these make the viewers create their own narrative about what the picture is all about. However, you can lead this in-house storytelling process by saying something about the image you posted. 

  1. Produce video contents

                      Inspiring photos are the core of Instagram. However, videos are proven to be more effective than photos in marketing your product or service.

                 Keep in mind that in creating video content for your product or service, you have to minimize the length of the video to 10 seconds up to 1 minute.

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