Understanding How Paid Social Media Advertising Works

Paid social media advertisement works. In fact, this is a must-have in managing your business online. It will not just boost your reach and sales. It can also keep attracting your existing clients to return to your brand. But what makes paid search different from the paid social media advertisement?

     Although paid search and paid social media advertisement are both seen online, there is a big difference between these two. The paid social media advertising campaigns are promotional content that is posted on various social media sites. Meanwhile, paid search refers to promotional content that is directly posted on the search engines like Google. Another thing that differs from one another is the format, size, and location of the advertisement. Now that we are aware of how they differ from each other, our next step is to gather information on what social media sites you can use in advertising online. 

     Talking about social media, Facebook is definitely the first thing that comes into your mind. No wonder why Facebook is the first social media site that large and small businesses use because it proved its effectiveness long ago. However, Facebook might not be the right social media platform for your business. You can make use of other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. In other words, consider choosing the social media platform that is widely used by your target audiences. It should be a platform where you are comfortable to use.

     You also have to keep in mind that change is constant. Your business profile on Facebook might be successful today but not anymore next year. A lot of things might occur in a short span of time. Don’t stick advertising on only one social media platform for your business. You have a hundred options. The only thing that you must do is to make a smart decision. You will never be successful if you are not on the right platform. 

     To help you decide the right platform, you must have a goal and a strategy. Here are some of the types of advertisements you can choose from. 

          #1. Promotional Post

               To use your personal social media profile is a perfect way to test your possible advertisement strategy. And if you find your post gaining a lot of reaction, comments, and share, what now? How can you take advantage of it? Never let moments like this get away from you. 

               Keep in mind that there is a high possibility that your business will be called into names. But worry not! That is a part of advertising online. Think of it as your advantage because it becomes more noticeable by social media users. 

          #2. Timeline Advertisements

               Since it’s in the social media timeline, it is expected to be shared by social media users and viewers. When an advertisement is posted online, it is most likely to be seen as a friend’s suggestion and not a business advertisement. Some of the examples of this type of advertisement include video advertisement and carousel advertisement. 

          #3. Advertising Network Viewer 

               Facebook has collaborated with website partners to feature your advertisement on other web pages. The tap values and conversion rates might appear smaller since users are more likely to misclick. However, this is expressed in a smaller click price. You can assume that this is a cheaper commercial until you notice that this perfectly matches the decreased efficiency making this sort of advertisement worthy of your time and money. 

          #4. Brand Endorser 

               One other way of paying for social media ads is to “collaborate across the platform.” Rather than spending money to pay for social media sites to provide you more attention, you can spend the money to pay anyone who has a lot of followers. They just have to endorse your product or service and share the content of your business profile. However, errors in this type of advertisement are expensive. But you don’t need to worry because we have here a guide on how to choose the right endorser for your brand. 

                    – Influencer who is willing to connect with your brand.

                    – Influencer who is loved by your target audiences.

                    – Influencer who is good at engaging with his/her followers

                    – Influencers who ask for a reasonable price. 

               Check for famous figures who speak about your brand on social media and thank them. Afterward, try reaching out and discuss if he or she is willing to be your brand’s endorser. Once you have chosen your endorser, show your appreciation to him or her through a welcoming message. Keep in mind that informing your endorser about the things he or she can anticipate as the brand’s endorser is a must. 

          #5. Set your goals

               Now that we are done talking about the platforms you can use and the time you can publish your content, let us tackle the reason why you are doing this online advertisement. To be successful in marketing your business online, you must be aware of your goal. 

               In the end, you want to raise profits and expand. 

However, unclear objectives lead to a misconception of how social media or other marketing strategy works. So, you must keep in mind the following:

                    – Be clear with your purpose.

                    – Your goal should be measurable.

                    – Your goal should be achievable.

                    – Your goal should be applicable to your business.

                    – Your goal should have a deadline.

Once your goal is aligned with what is listed above, you can think of a better method of marketing your business online.

     Indeed, paid social media advertising works. However, making the best out of the money you will spend on advertising your business online needs a comprehension of the following: 

  • Where would you put your advertisement?
  • How to reach your target audiences?
  • What kind of advertisement will work for your business?
  • What is your goal in marketing your business online?

     If you are having trouble deciding what type of social media advertising will work for you, you can connect with Easy Media Team now!