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Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021: Optimize Your Strategy Today

The use of social media marketing is shaping up to be more vital than ever for brands. That’s why in this article, Easy Media Team collated the top social media marketing trends in 2021 to help you reach and convert more prospects this year.

As social media channels change their algorithms and introduce new features, marketing trends are also undergoing evolution.

These rapid, unpredictable changes present a whole new challenge for both marketers and brands because they need to constantly optimize their content. On top of that, they should also review their existing strategies to stay relevant. They need to continuously track the latest trends and updates that influence the future of social media, and adapt to them accordingly to survive and thrive.

So, let us leave 2020 behind for good. Now is the perfect time to level up your social media marketing efforts, reach your goals, and achieve consistent growth!

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021

Social media is such a dynamic field. That is why pinpointing the trends and strategies that will become even more popular as time goes by is challenging. But don’t worry – we got you covered.

Here are the social media trends that will continuously thrive and become popular in 2021:

1. Virtual reality

In the middle of the need for social distancing and stay-at-home orders from different states, people are looking for more meaningful connections online. And one of the current technological trends that can provide them with those connections is Virtual Reality (VR).

VR allows users to interact with their friends and family online. It gives them a sense of actually being together even if they are living on different parts of the world. This is one of the best kinds of experiences that individuals need at a time when they have to stay home and avoid public places.

With this, we are more likely to see virtual reality becoming more popular on social media as channels push forward with integrating this innovative solution. For instance, take Facebook Horizon. As of this year, the platform is leveraging this Oculus VR system to beta-test a virtual world that lets users play games, interact with others, and explore. 

2. Social commerce

More tools and features that support quick and easy shopping are emerging to continuously enhance user experience on social media.

For example, Facebook now allows brands to set up a Shop where consumers can browse and purchase directly on the platform. Another example is on Instagram, where you can include product tags on the posts you publish, enabling easy checkout for shoppers without directing them to another page.

If you want to gain more revenue this year, you should follow this trend. Yes, it’s vital to consider social media in purchase decisions because nowadays, a lot of shoppers research products or services using different platforms. On top of that, referrals coming from social can influence or encourage them further to buy from you.

You will be able to shorten and simplify the customer journey when you add social commerce to your overall strategy. And since shoppers don’t need to go to your website and search for your products anymore, your abandoned transactions will be greatly reduced. 

3. Authenticity

This is one of the top social media marketing trends in 2021 that won’t definitely go out of style – authenticity.

Social media users want brands to get real. So, stay transparent and authentic about your products or services, as well as the activities happening around your business. Being honest can definitely help you boost engagement and build relationships with your followers.

Own up to your mistakes if you made one. Allow your fans and customers to freely talk to you in case of any disappointments or issues. If you have negative comments on your Page, never delete them. Instead, address them openly and show your audience that you care about their problems.

Take note: People are becoming more social-savvy than ever. Don’t expect to get away from your mistakes. Don’t delete, avoid, or hide brand issues under the rug because it will just hurt your reputation and credibility in the long run.

4. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become a very popular content format last year, and they continue to dominate this 2021. That’s why you should plan and take a more organized approach for your Stories if you aren’t already doing so.

It is one of the best ways to increase audience engagement. Here are some tips to level up your Stories:

  • Use interactive elements, such as stickers, on your Instagram Stories. Stickers with mentions, hashtags, locations, question, and polls can help attract more people, increase reach, and generate conversations.
  • Utilize AR story filters. They will allow you to layer different visual elements and interactive designs when taking a photo or video in Stories, which helps increase brand visibility. You can also create your own AR filter and allow other users to add it on their content.
  • Do Live videos. It will not just help increase engagement, it will also allow you to interact with your audience personally and build trust. 

5. User-generated content

Consumers are always looking for proofs before they buy. They want to be reassured that what they’re buying is high quality. No one wants to make a wrong decision, right? So, make your brand memorable and credible – reassure them by using UGCs.

They are a type of connective content that:

  • Relates to and uplifts most people.
  • Establishes and strengthens communities.
  • Helps brands produce more content ideas.
  • Allows businesses to meet prospects on platforms where they are already hanging out.

User-generated content has long been effective for providing social proof and building relationships across different platforms. And it will definitely remain popular for the years to come.

6. Inclusivity 

Last year, the Black Lives Matter Movement highlighted the endemic problems that linger within the society. Because of this, inclusivity has become a bigger focus today.

This cultural shift towards inclusivity has greatly impacted the purchase behaviors of consumers. Shoppers shift away from brands that don’t provide their views about diversity and identity, and they are willing to buy from other retailers completely because of this reason.

Businesses that aren’t seen to take part in inclusivity conversations or those who appear to be non-inclusive, will likely experience negative impacts in 2021. On the other hand, those who openly show their support in inclusive causes on social media drive deeper interactions with their prospects. 

7. Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is quite similar to virtual reality. The only difference is that it doesn’t require any additional hardware other than a smartphone, making it more accessible and easier to use.

AR experiences are highly effective and inherently interactive, which can help boost audience engagement. You can even create your own AR filter to encourage people to interact with you or promote your products or services. It can help keep them entertained, and could even provide you with new clients.

Follow the trend and stay on top

Build a stronger online presence for your brand by anticipating the top social media marketing trends in 2021. Follow the trends listed above and stay one step ahead of the competition!