Top Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Blog

An engaging social media presence is essential for brands nowadays because social media is where you’ll find the most number of potential customers. This huge platform is used to interact with other people every day. Other than that, it is also used to bring businesses in front of a wider group of audience, attracting them to buy goods or services.

However, you need to create a compelling social media marketing blog and strategy to boost your presence and engage the right people. If you still don’t have these marketing plans in place, don’t worry – we got you covered. 

In this article, we will tell you why you should have a social media marketing blog when promoting your brand and some insider tips to help you get started. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

A social media blog is a key part of an effective digital marketing strategy. Once you’ve built a concrete plan for your blog, your business will definitely earn a lot of benefits from it, including consumer loyalty, boosted web traffic, brand awareness, consistent growth, and more.

Let’s go more in-depth with the advantages that you can get out of blogging. 

  • It can help establish your brand

Blogs can help develop your brand and increase its awareness across all major platforms. However, you need to plan your content carefully to achieve these goals. 

Most companies create and publish blogs without a strategy or schedule. They just post randomly on their website, which is a very ineffective tactic. If you want to have a unified and powerful brand image, you need to stay organized and consistent by making a comprehensive content plan. 

This will help you spread a strong message around social media, which includes your brand identity, what you stand for, and whom you want to serve. You will be able to identify how and when you want to use these key points into your blogs, ensuring that your target audience can quickly determine how your products or services can help them.

Blogging tip: Try including different types of stories in your blog strategy, including success stories from clients and humanizing stories about your brand. 

  • It can drive traffic from search engines

You can increase traffic to your blog in many ways. However, you cannot overlook the value of organic traffic that you can get out of search engine results. 

It is very vital for your posts to show up high on search engine rankings because there’s a lot of information competing for reader’s attention online. You could be losing thousands of visitors on your content, that’s why you should optimize it to drive traffic. 

If your blogs show up organically on the first pages of search engine results, they will create a strong, positive impression in your target audiences’ minds, and can greatly boost the number of new readers following your blog.

 Blogging tip: One of the best ways to achieve great results in search engines is to include SEO into your content plan. In other words, you should pre-strategize the keyword phrases you’re going to use and add attractive headers, sub-headers, external and internal links, and tags. Making your website mobile-friendly is a good tactic, too. 

  • It can generate organic leads

Converting your web traffic into leads is considered as one of the most rewarding benefits of having an engaging social media marketing blog. 

These are qualified high-quality leads that you’ve built some authority and trust with through your blogs. They are also the people who know who you are, what you offer, and whom you help. That’s why you should include a couple of lead magnets to your blog strategy. 

If you don’t have an idea about lead magnets, they are incentives that you can offer to your prospects in exchange for their contact information or email addresses. Once you determine a common issue that your target market struggle with, you can use it to create lead magnets. 

After creating a couple of them, you can now use a number of tactics to turn your readers into leads. However, you need to make these lead magnets interesting, not self-serving, and easy to consume. 

Blogging Tip: Add a relevant CTA at the end of your blog posts. Make sure that the CTAs won’t make your potential customers feel like it’s a hard sell – it should feel like you’re inviting them to continue their journey on learning the topic.  Show them that your worthy of their trust. 

A lot of readers will be inclined to learn more from the offer, so you should offer the lead magnets properly on each blog. You can display them on a side bar banner, top of the screen, below your post, or make a popup. 

  • It can build a loyal community

Blogs help initiate important discussions in your industry. Other than that, it also enables your brand to build a community of people engaged with your posts. These conversations can assist you in shaping the future of your business. By listening to the needs of your target market, providing valuable content, and communicating with them consistently, you will definitely entice them to keep engaging with you. 

However, you need to employ an intentional and strategic approach to blogging if you want to achieve that level of engagement. You should include content that fosters relevant discussions about ongoing or current industry issues, as well as growing trends. 

Give your perspective when discussing these trends or issues. Always remember that your target audience can find a lot of information online. What makes yours unique is that you’re giving them your own perspective. 

Blogging tip: Encourage discussions on the topic while giving out your perspective. Invite your readers to provide their own views about the issue to get the conversation going in the comment section of your social media pages.  

  • It can increase brand authority

When blogging is done correctly, you will be able to establish authority on your topics, which can help make your readers trust you and your brand more. 

You can write a blog about all kinds of topics. However, you need to address the challenges or key needs of your potential customers through the language they usually use. If this is not achieved, your content won’t resonate on their minds and they won’t be prompted to ask your company for a solution.

Blogging tip: Include a detailed list of the questions your customers and prospects regularly ask you. Each of those questions can be turned into blog post that interests readers. You should also pay attention to the inquiries of your target market on social media. 

Strategize your Social Media Marketing Blog Today

A blog strategy can help your business grow in many ways. However, you have to make sure that it’s effective and strong enough to earn unending benefits. You will be able reach your goals if you blog consistently and strategically. Put it into action and keep your unique approach on track.