Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes All Businesses Should Avoid

Social media marketing is one of the best marketing tactics that you can utilize to make your business grow. Most companies and marketers use platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to reach more customers – and some of them have already found success in their marketing efforts.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these businesses have reached their full potential just because they’re seeing better results. Every social media platform is unique, and marketing plans can vary on each of them.

Due to this, a lot of companies tend to make different social media marketing mistakes when they execute their strategy. Wondering if you’re doing the same mistakes, too? Don’t worry; Easy Media is here to guide you.

Social Media Pitfalls and Tips to Fix Them

We often see guides that tell us to promote authenticity and produce great content. However, these tips won’t provide good results alone. There must be something that’s lacking on your strategy, or worse, you’re doing everything wrong that’s why you can’t get the outcomes you want.

Here are 10 social media marketing mistakes that all businesses should avoid, and some tips on how to fix them.

Failure to know your audience

Billions of people use social media nowadays, which may give you a hard time identifying your target audience when sending promotions or posting content. You need to do in-depth research and know more about them before you begin running campaigns, which most marketers fail to do.

Some brands set up their social media accounts and start posting random content, hoping that their target audience will find them. In some cases, this tactic works. But most of the time, it won’t. You need to put a lot of time and effort to reach those who can benefit from your products or services.


Try creating a few buyer persona sheets from your social media statistics, Google Analytics, and email.

You will be able to know more about the interests and habits of your target audience once you create different buyer personas for them. You will also have an easier time creating both promotions and written content for your prospects.

No social media plan on hand

A lot of emerging brands still don’t realize that promoting on social media is essential for consistent growth. They still don’t value this huge platform enough when strategizing, which is one of the common mistakes of start-ups and small businesses in every industry.

Different companies, even some of your competitors, are utilizing social media to promote their products or services and reach more customers. And to be honest, every brand that wants to reach success should do the same and learn how to build an effective social media strategy.


Create a unique social media marketing plan that is aligned to your business objectives. This will be your foundation to attain your goals. And when we say build you should build a strategy, it doesn’t just mean making handful of content to post per day – it’s more than that.

It should include clearly-defined goals and action plan to make it effective and efficient. Your strategy should also define your brand voice and describe what type of content you need to produce.

Lacking brand identity

One of the most common pitfalls that you should avoid is the lack of brand identity. Other than knowing your target audience, you should also make sure that your messaging and social media posts align with the personality and identity of your brand.

Usually, marketers and business owners want their potential customers to see them as caring, energetic, and helpful. If you also want your target audience to perceive your brand that way, you should also show it across all major social media platforms.


Let’s say you post content that provides weight loss tips for women, and your goal is to sell dietary supplements on your online shop. You should show your audience that you have a caring, positive attitude to motivate them, or else, you can say goodbye to more leads and sales.

Social media channels help your business connect with the right people. If it lacks personality and identity, your marketing strategy might fall apart.

Not engaging with followers

Audience engagement is essential when marketing your businesses on social media. However, most of them don’t interact or engage with the comments on their feed, which gives people the impression that the brand is not interested in connecting with them.


Make sure to respond right away when someone commented to your post or messaged you. The more you comment back, like, or respond, the more potential customers would want to get to know your brand more.

Always remember that each message or comment on your business page is an opportunity to boost audience engagement and attract more users to join. Expect higher engagement rate and follower growth when you participate actively.

Avoiding negative feedback

Negative feedbacks are very useful. They will give you a chance to improve the quality of your service and form trust within your social community. However, many brands tend to ignore or avoid it when customers are unhappy with the service. Some try to delete these comments or write harsher responses in return.


If you want to turn unhappy customers into loyal ones, you should see this from a different angle. Don’t ignore or avoid them. On top of that, you shouldn’t be rude to them, too. What you need to do is to address the situation and give them a better customer service experience.

Take all feedbacks seriously, whether they’re good or bad. Then, resolve them to make your customers happy. This can help boost your customer loyalty efforts.    

Too much promotional content

This is another common social media marketing mistake that you should avoid because when you over-promote your products or services on different platforms, a lot of your followers will begin to lose interest in your brand.


Minimize promotional social media posts. Try including only one promotional post for every four non-promotional posts every week to keep your content balanced. You should share something that interests and provides value to your audience – don’t make everything about you.


So, you created a social media plan that indicates you would publish four posts per day. But, since you’re busy running your business, you forgot to publish even a single content on your pages.

Your social media marketing efforts will all go to waste because of inconsistency. If you don’t follow your strategy and miss to post even for a day, your engagement rates and audience impressions will decrease.

Everything you post can get hidden from most of your followers if you’re not posting regularly, so you should avoid it.


Schedule your posts automatically using HootSuite, Buffer, or other scheduling tools. Also, don’t post an update just because you need to. Plan your posts by creating a content calendar to prevent it from happening.

Posting unedited content

Your brand perception will get damaged if you let unedited or unproofed content with grammatical errors goes live.


Double-check all content before publishing. You might want to hire professional editors in the long run, too, as it would be time consuming for you to handle. You should also check for errors and typos on texts on graphics, videos, and images. 

Not tracking results

When you promote and run campaigns on social media, you can easily track their performance in real time. This will allow you to make strategic improvements on your target audiences and ads even if you’re on the go.

However, not all start-ups and small businesses do this or don’t have enough time to monitor their progress, which is a big mistake. The analytics are already available, you just need to monitor and track them to know if your strategy works or not.


Always check the results. Then, if some parts of your marketing plan or campaigns don’t work out properly, tweak or enhance them to start getting better results. 

Buying followers

Some businesses get involved in follower exchange programs or directly buy followers on social media, which is a mistake that you should avoid.

Yes, this can give you an outward appearance of being popular, but will definitely get negligible results from it in the end. Other than that, your business pages have a great chance being deleted or banned forever.


If you want to increase your followers, try giving out free goodies or organize contests. However, you should take note that the followers you will get out of these promotions are just interested on the prizes – not on your products or services.   

One of the best ways to gather real followers is to offer free content that provides value to your target audience. If they find your posts useful, you’ll surely gain followers organically, and at the same time, attract potential customers.

Avoid the pitfalls and start growing

Always remember that there’s a way to grow from those social media marketing mistakes. Instead of perceiving everything that goes wrong is a roadblock to your success, you have to look for solutions and turn those problems into great business opportunities.