tiktok challenges for business

TikTok Challenges for Business: How to Keep Up With the Trend

Do you want to maximize the exposure of your brand across social media? Have you considered joining TikTok Challenges for business? If not, then you should start hopping on the bandwagon. It will not just help you stay relevant, it will also make your fan base grow.

TikTok has experienced massive growth in the short amount of time it’s been on the social media space. This video-only channel allows users to produce and share short video clips on a vast number of topics.

It comes with different editing tools, as well as an enormous sound library that you can use for your content. With these, you will be able to make high-quality clips that guarantee boosted engagement.

Today, Easy Media Team will delve into how TikTok challenges work and how you can utilize them to fast-track the growth of your business. Let’s start.

What are TikTok Challenges?

Any brand or individual can begin making challenges on the platform.

For instance, you can ask your followers to perform a task and post their videos using a specific hashtag. As more and more users participate in your challenge, it will go viral on TikTok until it reaches other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

This is a great opportunity for brands to generate a lot of UGCs and views. These challenges can also help them in building a positive brand image among their target audience and increasing brand awareness.

How To Use TikTok Challenges for Business

Many brands have started welcoming the viral nature of TikTok, including the challenges created by various individuals. Yes, challenges are one of the biggest trends on the platform, and influencers and brands are already using them to reach millions of potential customers.

That’s why you should use it to. Keep up with the trend.

Here’s how you can leverage these challenges to make your brand grow.

Make your own challenge

You may think that creating a challenge, promoting it, and making it trending is easy. It’s not – it’s actually difficult to make a new TikTok challenge go viral.

You need to do tons of research, have plenty of time, and use your creativity to create a successful branded challenge.  You have to come up with a unique idea and execute it from scratch. This may seem complicated, especially for beginners – but it’s worth it.

Consider these steps to succeed:

Take inspiration from others.

Do your homework. Collect relevant data before creating your challenge. You can go through the successful challenges done in the past, and determine how your competitors used them to promote their brand.

Learn from others’ success and failures to level up your marketing strategy. Take inspiration from them, look for hashtags that might go trending, learn more about your audience, and more. Once you gather enough information, you can start designing your challenge.

Set some rules.

Describe clearly what your challenge is all about, and how TikTok users can participate in it. The clearer your rules are, the easier and faster it will be for them to join. So, set some guidelines, include a hashtag, and make the video. It’s also a great idea to do your challenge first.

Share it.

Now, it’s time to promote your challenge. If you want to increase its popularity and reach more people, you should use different TikTok influencer marketing tactics.

For instance, you can ask influencers to do your challenge and promote it on their accounts. This will give you the desired push from the start, which can escalate as more and more people participate on the challenge.

Try cross-promoting your content on other social media platforms, too. This can help you a lot, especially if you have different sets of followers in each of them.

Participate in other challenges

If you don’t have a lot of time to create your own Tiktok challenges for business, you can join an ongoing challenge on the platform.

Without much effort on your part, your brand will be able to ride the popularity of an already trending challenge. And since users often follow the hashtags associated with the viral content, using this tactic can also help you get more followers and views.

Consider these tips to succeed:

Look for trending hashtags.

Go to the “Discover” tab of your account and find some of the most popular TikTok hashtags. You will see which content used it and the total number of views that it gathered from users.

Always take note that not all of the challenges include a word “challenge” on their hashtags. So, be thorough with your research.

Choose a relevant challenge.

It’s vital to determine which challenges suit your niche or brand. Choose something relevant so that you can reach the right audience.

For instance, if you’re a Cosmetic brand, you should participate on Tiktok challenges related to make-up tutorials, cosmetic product reviews, beauty hacks, and more. It won’t make sense if you’re in the fashion industry, but participating on food-related challenges.

On the other hand, if you can’t find any challenge related to your industry, try participating on generic one instead. They are not industry-specific, so it will be easier for you to gain more views.

Give a branded twist to it.

Once you’re finished looking for a trending hashtag challenge, participate in it and make your own video. You can also represent your content by collaborating with influencers or ask your team to do it with you.

If you want to make your challenge more relatable and authentic, we recommend you to try the latter option – ask your employees to be the face of your brand and let them do those existing challenges.

You can also include logos or other brand elements on your video to let your audience know that your brand joined the challenge. With this, people will see that your brand is modern and fun. It can help form a positive image in their minds.


TikTok challenges for business can help strengthen your social media presence. Using one successful challenge, you will be able to gain more followers, engage your current fans, and build a positive brand image. Follow the tips listed above and reach your TikTok marketing objectives in no time.