Social Media Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How It Helps Brands Succeed

Looking for new strategies to generate more leads and sales is getting tougher nowadays. The competition of brands across social media is very tight, and simply having a good online presence isn’t enough to stand out.

Building an effective, results-driven strategy and making the most out of every opportunity is required to win. But there’s an old, yet powerful tactic that tends to get taken for granted by businesses: word-of-mouth marketing.

What is WOMM?

Word-of-mouth advertising is the social media version of the traditional word-of-mouth we use to spread messages from one person to another based on recommendations.

It describes both naturally occurring instances and targeted efforts where customers share their satisfaction with a brand.

Organic Word of Mouth vs. Amplified Word of Mouth

WOMM has two types: organic and amplified. The former attracts people organically, while the latter uses advertising campaigns and other marketing tactics.

They have inherent overlaps, though. If you have a good WOM strategy, your word of mouth will increase organically. Then, when that organic WOM is gathered in decent amount, you can amplify and make it more successful by using WOMM campaigns.

Benefits of Word of Mouth Marketing

Social media marketing strategies like experimenting AI in ecommerce store or setting up a cool social media ad may sound more exciting. But if you build a strong WOM strategy at the heart of your business, you will be able to lay a foundation where everything else can be built easily and effectively.

Here are the advantages of utilizing word of mouth to your strategy:

Create a community

Word of mouth marketing is very effective in engaging target audiences. Since customers buy more often and recommend brands to their friends and family when they are highly-engaged, you will be able to generate a loyal community of fans and advocates.

More funds

Your business will also have more funds and freedom when you acquire a high customer loyalty. Most of them will buy from you repeatedly, so you’ll definitely receive venture funding, which turns the customer acquisition costs into lifetime value.

Grow sales without spending on ads

If you want to boost your fan base and sales, creating a word of mouth advertising strategy for your business in one of the great ways to achieve it than spending money on ads.

How to Make Word of Mouth Marketing Work for You

Thanks to social media, the power of WOMM has strongly increased again for the last few years. Here’s how you can make it work for your business:

Trigger emotions

People love sharing their experiences and thoughts with others on social media, which is why word of mouth advertising exists. Therefore, your target audience will more likely provoke WOM sharing when you create posts, ads, or campaigns that generates an emotional response.

However, you have to make sure that the emotional reactions you trigger are as motivational and positive as possible. You will definitely boost your audience engagement and encourage more recommendations.   

Publish user-generated content

Increase the impressions of your brand, encourage more people to talk about you, and improve your content search by publishing user-generated social media posts.

Produce polls, fun quizzes, Q & As, and contests. Then, entice your audience to share them and use a specific hasthtag to gather more users into your business pages. This will give your company great exposure and an opportunity to build more connections with your followers.

Add customer reviews

Posting reviews and testimonials from customers is also a powerful WOM strategy that can help you attract more prospects. It’s a great way to pull them onto your social feed or website easily.

If you don’t have a lot of testimonials and reviews in your business pages, try looking on the websites related to your brand – for instance, TripAdvisor. You can also interview or message your recent customers and ask for reviews, or even success stories.

Once you’ve gathered enough reviews, you can start bring them over to your timeline and webpage. Just make sure to give credit to the reviewer or link back to them to increase the credibility of each testimonial.

Build a referral program

Do you want to give your strategy an extra push? Then, you should start establishing a referral program. It is also a great way to boost your brand because it’s actually one of the reasons why they chose to like a business page – discounts, freebies, and more.

It is like you’re offering rewards to social media users in exchange of sharing positive information about your business. However, you shouldn’t do this regularly as it will look like you’re already bribing people to say nice things about you and your company.  

Join the conversation

Become part of the conversations around your community and industry. This will help you ensure that your customers are constantly talking about your company.

Using social media listening tools can also help you find the people who mention your brand, listen to what they’re saying about your industry, and more. You will be able to engage and interact with your potential customers more if you’re always updated.

Spread the Word

Whether you want to boost the reach of your company or hoping to improve your brand awareness, word of mouth marketing can be the most cost-effective way to achieve your goals. You can encourage everyone to tell other people about your business, and enhance your chances of winning if you take the right approach to WOM.