Restaurant Social Media Marketing: The Most Creative Tips

Social media is much more than a platform to share moments of life, it has also become a part of the offline side of it. And today, this huge network became an essential piece of any business – a powerful marketing channel for all sorts of brands, both local and online. 

From car workshops to funeral parlors, they are already present on social media to promote their business, including restaurants. However, not all of them attract a lot of customers and don’t get the results they’ve been looking for because their marketing tactics aren’t concrete enough. 

Restaurant Marketing Tips

If you want to build a proper reputation for your business across all major platforms to reach more customers and achieve consistent growth, you need to put an effective restaurant social media marketing in place. 

To help you out, we have listed some of the most creative tips that you can use to make your restaurant thrive and win.   

  • Use drool-inducing photos and videos

Food porn is alive and well, especially on Instagram. Posting drool-inducing content is arguably one of the best ways to promote your restaurant on social media. Nowadays, visual content is in high demand, which means having images and videos that can make social media users crave are essential to entice them. 

If you really want to have top-notch visuals, we suggest hiring a professional photographer or video editor. You can also do DIY editing through your smartphone to save money. Just do a little research on how to capture or edit really great photos and you’re good to go. 

  • Respond to customer feedback

Don’t shut out customer complaints from your social media profiles because it can do more harm than good. You need to handle those issues right away and show your customers that you care. 

Always remember that social media is like a large public forum with billions of users – great responses provide excellent customer experiences. 

Try using social media listening tools. They will notify you whenever there’s a comment that mentions your brand. This way, you can easily access those mentions and respond fast. 

  • Establish long-term relationships

How do you build long-term relationships when your casual visitors and dedicated followers land on your social media pages? Encouraging them to like and share your posts is a great move. However, you should find ways to establish long-term connections.

One great trick is to promote push SMS messaging notifications or email newsletters on social media. Since subscribers will get notified for new offers and discounts from your restaurant, more visitors will be enticed to sign up. 

This strategy can really pay off in the long run, helping customers recognize and revisit your place again and again.   

  • Focus on holidays

Focusing on holidays to make great deals is also a great restaurant social media marketing tactic. You can even make your own holiday to attract your target audience. 

For instance, create a “National Take Your Family Out to Eat Day”, if you’re offering a specific menu related to it or have customers who love your brand’s quirky sense of humor. 

In other words, get creative when opportunities come. Offer discounts or group packages and relate the menu on the holiday ahead. It’s also a great idea to create a holiday that resonates with your local customers. 

  • Offer coupons

Drive people to your online ordering system or through your restaurant doors by offering coupons and discounts. This can be a great way to make sure that more money goes in your pocket if you feel like you’re losing out to third-party ordering platforms.

Customers don’t care if they order from a third-party app or through your physical store, so encourage them to use your own platform by providing coupons.  

  • Make ordering available on social

Level up your online ordering system by making it available across your social media pages. 

If you’re using Slice or to receive orders, you can implement their system into your Facebook business page. But, you can also utilize the standard “Shop Now” feature of Facebook to accept orders if you don’t have a Slice or ordering system. 

  • Host competitions

Hosting competitions on social media is a great way to boost audience engagement, whether the prize is a ticket to your town’s hottest event or a free meal from your restaurant. This has made a lot of social media campaigns successful, and we think that it will continue to provide success to businesses in the long run. 

  • Word of mouth marketing

Asking followers and customers to spread the word about your services is a great marketing strategy, too. Yes, don’t be shy to ask them because they will definitely be happy to help. When they share your content to other social media users, your audience engagement can increase. So, don’t be afraid to ask for shares.    

  • Share customers’ images

Looking for a fantastic source of publicity? Then, you should feature the photos of your customers when they visit your restaurant. This will encourage them to share and take more photos of the food they ordered, attracting new audiences to check your page out.    

  • Sell your menu

Show off your new dishes across social media. Let everyone know about your new seasonal menu, specials, and more.  Above all, what’s the point in cultivating your fans if you won’t let them know when something new or exciting comes up? Just make sure to include high-quality photos and enticing captions to capture their attention.

Connect with Your Customers Wherever They Are

Restaurants are all about bringing people together. Why should that end when they walk out of your doors? 

Developing an engaging social media presence and using it correctly as a marketing channel will help carry your community online, allowing current and future customers connect with you even when they aren’t around.