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Proven Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Local Fan Base

Don’t just rely on traditional marketing tactics to reach your prospects. You need to use proven social media marketing tips to leverage your strategy and grow a local fan base.

Nowadays, businesses use social media to build awareness, drive leads, create partnerships, and connect with customers. With an engage following on at least one major platform, a brand can effectively spread the word about its new products or services, initiatives, and campaigns.

However, simply having thousands of followers won’t help you dominate across social media.

The key is to grow a local community who will actively engage with you, share your content on different channels, and possibly become your customers. This may be a difficult task, especially for beginners. But all of those efforts can definitely pay-off in the long run.

Grow Your Local Business with these Social Media Marketing Tips

While it’s great to have supporters from all over the world, building a fan base in your area is still essential if you’re running a local business. One of the most effective ways to do this is to boost social media engagement.

Here’s how you can leverage it to grow your brand:

1. Boost local connection

Figure out what tactic will provide you with the highest possible chance to increase engagement.

Social media engagement is not just about being consistent in creating and publishing content. It is also more than just waiting for people to interact with your posts.

You need to respond, listen, and show that you care about your fans and followers, even if you don’t have a lot of time or energy to do so. It is an absolute must because it will be the reflection of your brand as a whole.

You also need to look for the formats and structures suitable for both your brand and your audience.

In other words, you need to analyze everything – from the way you develop your posts to the optimal times you share them. Try using social media management tools like Buffer to schedule your content. 

2. Connect with the local community

Join social media groups to connect with your local community. You can find a lot of these groups on platforms like Facebook, so this will be an easy task for you. All that’s left to do now is to stay active on each of them.

Share informative, valuable information, including community insights and current events about the industry to keep people engaged.

You can write a blog, post the link on the group, and drive traffic to your site or gain new social media followers. With this, you will be able to build brand awareness and stay top of mind.

3. Host events in your area

One of the best social media marketing tips that can help increase engagement from your followers is to host events in your area. Whether you’re attending an event or hosting one, make sure to announce that you will be there.

Give followers enough information to find you. You can also encourage them to approach you with hand-outs or questions when they meet you at the event.

To spark interest and more engagement, try adding photos and CTAs to your content when posting. This can be used as a conversation starter – it will not just help entice people to look for you; it will also motivate them to engage in a conversation.

4. Run contests

Giveaways and contests is also a great option to gain new followers, while keeping your current supporters engaged with your brand. Try experimenting – run different types of contests on the social media platforms you use.

You can entice participants to leave a comment or tag their friends on the comment section, make the best post about your brand, respond to trivia questions, or join your photo-liking contest.

Here are some tips to make your contest successful:

  • To maximize the number of participants, you should promote the contest everywhere. Use your email list, social media platforms, and website to announce the event.
  • Take note that each social media channel has its own rules and regulations when it comes to running contests. So, make sure to follow all of them to prevent your event from getting suspended.
  • Ensure that your prizes are related to the products or services you offer. Don’t give away prizes unrelated to your business. Yes, giving away an iPhone might drive more engagement, but it’s not necessarily from people who will eventually become your loyal fans or customers.

5. Utilize paid campaigns

Allocate ad spend to level up your social media success. Invest a modest amount of money into paid social ads gain more exposure, especially in your area. You will be able to increase conversions and reach new people in your community when you utilize paid campaigns the right way.

Understand your target audience. Then, create a customer persona that represents their demographics, interests, and buying behaviors. You can use this to make your paid ads highly-targeted, accurate, and more effective.

Achieve Consistent Growth with Easy Media

Do you want to grow your local fan base and stand out from the competition? Then, try following the social media marketing tips on our list. These tactics can help increase your engagement, attract the right people, and drive conversions.