Identifying the Best Method to Promote your Business

   Are you one of the business owners who dream of attracting a larger audience on social media? If yes, continue reading this article to know how! 

     For small entrepreneurs who just started their business, sponsored content is their go-to in promoting their business profile. After all, it is one of the proven successful ways to target new possible customers through this strong social network. However, another method you can use to promote your business profile is through Facebook advertisement. To help you identify which one to use, here are the distinctions between these two and strategies on how and when is the right time to use them. 

      Facebook Sponsored Content

          Sponsored content appears on your business profile like how it used to be. The only difference is that this paid content can improve its exposure as it is placed right on the news feed of the social media user. The advantage of this to the social media users is that it helps maintain a more smooth interface as it does not interrupt their social media habits. 

          When you are producing sponsored content, you must consider your social media marketing goals and the users who might be interested in what you are promoting. Are you into meeting users who will like your profile? Or are you into widening your target audience to those who are acquainted with your current viewers? All of this would vary to the intent of your promotion and the objective of your business. Keep in mind that if you’d like to ensure that a larger percentage of social media users will notice your content, you really have to invest in making it more available.

          Another thing in producing a sponsored post is the use of high-quality content that will benefit the viewers. It may be something enjoyable and amusing or educational content about your product or service. Here are guidelines to keep in mind when using sponsored content.

               #1.  This is recommendable if your goal is to improve interaction with a single article or piece of material. 

               #2. Consistency in updating your business profile will help you inspire people to visit your account instead of only keeping in touch with your post.

               #3. Keep in mind that sponsored content has only one format you can use. 

               #4. Concentrate on content that has already achieved popularity with your existing followers or viewers.

          In short, if you want a faster and easier way of promoting your business profile, sponsored content is the one for you. It is because it offers limited features, unlike the Facebook advertisement which has a hundred choices to choose from. 

      Facebook Advertisement Content

          Now that you are aware of what Facebook Sponsored content is, let us proceed to the next proven method to promote your business online. And that is none other than Facebook Advertisement Content. 

          This method of promoting your business profile has been an integral aspect of marketing online business. It is not just because of its budget-friendly price but also because of its advanced targeting tools that allow the entrepreneurs to maximize their investment.

          To start, you’ll have to go to the Facebook Advertisement Manager to pick from a range of advertisement strategy goals listed in there. The purpose of choosing your goal is to help you decide what kind of format and positioning is suitable for your Facebook advertisement campaign. Unlike Facebook sponsored content, advertisement content has various locations you can choose from.

          If you’ve selected the objective of your Facebook ad and its placement, you can now use the advanced ad targeting tool of the said feature of Facebook. It will allow you to optimize your viewers and reach out to other social media users that are more likely to be involved with your brand. Some of the various factors to reach your target audiences are their place, age bracket, gender, behavior, and interest. 

Here are other factors to consider: 

  • Auction strategy

                         You have the authority to enter a bid manually depending on the worth of each tap on your link. On the other hand, you can give Facebook the authority to decide the bid per click by setting an automated bid.

  • Creativity of Advertisement

                         In advertising your product or service, it is necessary to plan your advertisement before you produce or publish it online. Although Facebook narrows your artistic possibilities when you’re only boosting a single content, the Facebook advertisement can help you to get a little further into ad design.

  • Attention-Grabbing Caption

                         In making a Facebook advertisement, you’re going to be asked to make your caption as well as call-to-action buttons. Unlike with sponsored content, you must think about which form of the graphic will be more effective in catching your audience’s interest and attracting social media users to click on your advertisement. 

          Lastly, you have to keep in mind that in choosing the right method to promote your business, you don’t necessarily need to run it on your business profile. Are you confused? Well, this means that you can build your advertisements on a website or place that your current viewers and followers will never see. This removes the question around publishing material that is not important to the existing customers in an attempt to attract new followers or viewers. 

Since you use Facebook’s targeting tools to address a very particular audience, you can creatively build the most convincing content for each particular audience.    

     And there we have it – 2 of the best methods to promote your business profile. Keep in mind that all it takes is a wise decision to pave your way to a successful business. Choose the right advertisement style that can help you achieve your social media marketing goals. The right strategy is always equal to the best result.

     Can’t decide which one will be effective for your business? Well, it is our honor and pleasure to work with you! Start to learn the methods you can use to reach your goal. Connect with Easy Media Team today!