How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Most of us know how Instagram and its power work. Big companies, including Nike and Starbucks, have dominated this platform with millions of followers. And other companies with great following seem to have no issues getting audience engagement and results, too. But how can you use Instagram to grow your business?

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a large-sized company to get value from this social media channel. Actually, its mobile app allows small businesses and startups compete with bigger guys.

Yes, with Instagram, nothing is impossible. As long as you have a strong social media marketing strategy on your side, you can also grow and dominate on this platform.

9 Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Promote your business on Instagram to see the difference. It is a great social media network that can help reach millions of people organically. Yes, organic reach is possible in this channel and it can be a massive growth for you in the long run.

Here’s how you can grow your business using Instagram:

1. Create a strong bio

Let your audience know what your brand is about by getting creative with your Instagram bio. It is the ultimate call-to-action, so make sure that it’s clickable and attractive.

Showcase the personality of your business on this section. But remember to not overdo it. The goal is to present your brand message, with your unique voice and tone. You should include a URL to your website or featured content, too. If the link is too long, try using a URL shortener tool to make your bio look more compact.   

2. Produce quality content

Always prioritize quality content. Don’t post on Instagram just because you need to keep up with your content schedule. Make sure that each post is engaging, relevant, and valuable.

Also, don’t put too many hashtags on your posts. Yes, you can include up to 30 hashtags, but don’t feel the need to place that many on each post. In other words, don’t force it as your content will be classified as shadow-banned or spam. Just include a few hashtags and make sure that they are related to the topic. 

3. Be consistent

Research what times and topics work for your target audience. Then, create a consistent posting schedule and make sure to stick to it. 

But, take note that being consistent doesn’t mean that you have to overwhelm your feed with posts. It doesn’t mean that you should neglect to post for too long either. What it really means is that you have to find the right balance between the two to be consistent.  

4. Record accurate metrics

Make sure to record all accurate metrics when you are using Instagram for your business.

There’s a wide range of Instagram reporting tools that you can use to get the most out of this platform and find what works best for your brand. We also recommend monitoring your followers and the traffic generated to your website from this channel using social listening and analytics tools.

5. Share stories

If you want to boost audience engagement, Instagram is the right platform for you. It is a high-engagement channel, and it grew even more when Instagram Stories was launched. They are short video clips that can only last on your feed for 24 hours. It can be a video, photo, polls, and more.

This content idea actually came from Snapchat, but it has found tremendous success with both Instagram users and brands. You will definitely leverage your customer interaction on this platform when you share real-time updates about your brand, products, or services. 

6. Interact with audience

Responding quickly to comments and direct messages is an effective way to build a strong community on Instagram. If a person takes the time to connect with you, it is important to connect with them, too, and show them that you’re listening.

Being active in listening and responding to your target audience can be a great strategy to create new brand voices and initiate positive word of mouth. Keep in mind that when you interact well with your followers and customers, they will more likely recommend you to other people. So, show them that you care and ready to provide a solution. 

7. Collaborate with influencers

One of the most powerful ways to grow your brand on Instagram is to collaborate with influencers. They are people who have a considerable number of fans and followers across social media, so when you collaborate and ask them to endorse your brand, you will definitely get great results.

However, you should look for the right influencers. Celebrities may have a strong Instagram following, but if their niche and concept is not tied with what you sell, the promotion may not work. 

Try teaming up with micro influencers instead. They may have a smaller number of followers, but they offer higher engagement rates more often than celebrity influencers. On top of that, they can be more specific and suitable for your brand niche. 

8. Run paid ads

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is an excellent advertising platform for organic results. But if you want to get more conversions, you should opt for paid advertising.

You will find a wide range of useful targeting tools when you run paid Instagram ads. In return, you will get more followers, customers, and sales. For instance, paid campaigns will specifically target the age range of your potential customers to ensure that you’ll get more chances of producing results and better ROI.

9. Organize contests

Organizing contests on Instagram will give your business an interesting and fun way to engage with existing and future customers. But if you want to maximize the results of your contests, you should include certain elements on each of them.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Create a custom hashtag
  • Build anticipation by promoting the contest one week before it begins
  • Make a theme and be unique
  • Consider teaming up with influencers or other brands on your industry to reach more people
  • Include tagging and mentioning a friend on the mechanics of the contest so that your campaign spreads faster

Growing a loyal fan base on Instagram won’t happen overnight. You still need to create an effective social media marketing strategy and produce winning campaigns consistently to get the results you want. Follow these 9 tips to expand your reach and grow your business on Instagram today.