How to Include a Live Social Wall into Marketing Campaigns

Along with the expansiveness of the online world is the innovation of marketing methods and tactics for brands. 

Digital marketing campaigns are utilized to help businesses reach a wider group of audience, and social media walls can be their greatest asset to achieve consistent growth.

What is a social media wall?

A social media wall is an ultimate marketing tool that collects and chooses content from different platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. It is often placed on product pages of an ecommerce site, digital screens at the office, live events, streets, and homepage of companies.

Utilizing social walls is a great way to display your work, product, or services, and increase the number of your followers on social media. This can also be used to optimize conversion rates of product pages by displaying social proof and feedback from other customers. 

Why use social media walls for marketing campaigns?

Businesses use social media walls to showcase influencer and partner content, create marketing campaigns aligned on seasonal events and trending topics, promote their products or services through social proofs, and more.

But, why do we need to use social walls when promoting our brand? Why do most brands nowadays include it on their social media marketing campaigns?

The answer is quite simple – it’s because social channels are about co-creation and sharing, and word of mouth from people travels a lot further than other marketing tactics.

Always remember, people will love and talk more about your content if you share product experiences from real customers.

Social walls are already a part of the digital marketing mix. They allow marketers to redisplay or repost content that their followers and customers shared on social media.  They provide a refreshing spin on traditional campaigns, allowing brands to grab the attention of their prospects at the right time.

Integrating a Live Social Wall to your Marketing Campaigns

Social media walls are created to inspire people. If you want your brand to stand out and resonate in the imaginations of your target audience, you should integrate them on your campaigns.

Here’s how you can use them to engage potential customers:


They are perfect for running event offers, promotions, and contests. You will be able to create a buzz, encourage audience engagement, and control the platforms where the promotions run when you use social walls. You can also build excitement around your community by featuring the contest winners on the wall.


When you run surveys or polls on a social wall, you’ll be able to get different insights from your audience, including the things they are looking for, their wishes for the future, their likes, dislikes, and more. This boosts participation and will give you an idea on what you should add on your marketing strategy to make it more effective.    


Promote your campaigns and hashtags, while earning more revenue on the side by partnering with sponsors on your social wall. It can also be created to let followers know what type of content you want them to post and share on their accounts.

Q & A

Build excitement by answering the questions of your audience in real-time. These Q&A can be used to stimulate discussions on certain topics or pose questions for your featured event speaker. 

Speaker’s content

If you connect the Tweets of your event speaker to the social wall, it will give instant updates to your attendees, ensuring that they won’t miss anything important. And since the speakers’ posts will be exposed to thousands of people, they will surely love it, too.

Benefits of Social Media Walls for Businesses

Here are the advantages that you can get when you integrate live social walls into your marketing campaigns:

  • Build a community. Social walls are a great place to interact and connect with target audiences more. It is sales-averse and less-invasive, allowing you to build a community of loyal followers in a short amount of time.
  • Attract more audience. Social media walls are like free influencer marketing. Since you’re posting reviews and content from real customers, you will definitely increase your audience reach fast.
  • Boost engagement. They are effective in capturing the imagination of people who love attending events and enhancing audience engagement. 
  • Get revenue through sponsors. Based on the activity on your social wall, you can potentially get revenue stream from sponsorships. Sponsorship removes or mitigates the costs of your social walls and turns them into an initiative that generates profit.
  • Receive real-time updates. By posting user-generated content in real-time, you can provide immediate interest from what you are promoting. It will encourage other people to post their own insights, photos, and opinions just like other customers.

Leverage your social media marketing strategy

If you still haven’t created a social media wall for your campaigns, then you should start creating now. It is a new, innovative way to attract more audience and boost engagement. It can help grow your followers and sales, while earning more revenue on the side through sponsorships!