How to Build Customer Relationships Using Social Media

Face-to-face interaction, which is important in developing brand loyalty and trust, is rare these days. Consumers don’t leave their houses anymore when they need to buy something – they just simply browse the web and check out their orders, which make it even more challenging for businesses to build customer relationships.

So, what should you do?

It’s actually an obvious answer – be present online, especially on social media. Billions of people around the globe use social media when making a purchase nowadays, not just to connect with friends and families or for entertainment.  

They have become more connected like never before, thanks to the good experience this platform provides. That’s why you must find ways to connect with them on the social media platforms they use.

Take this opportunity to build connections and grow even more. Don’t worry; Easy Media is here to help.

Ways to Build Customer Relationships on Social Media

Providing a great customer service experience is one of the top priorities of businesses. If customers aren’t happy with the service you provide, they will definitely leave and find a brand that could meet their expectations. 

That’s why you have to step up your game and give them the best experience as much as possible. Here’s how you can build lasting relationships with your customers using social media:

1. Respond fast

People always want quick answers, especially if they’re interested in something. So, they turn to social media when making a purchase because they know that they’ll get a quicker response. Yes, unlike before, they won’t wait for a couple of minutes to get an answer – they will look for other brands that can do it instead.

If you want to deepen your connections with your followers and customers, you should do the same, too. Respond to inquiries once it pops on your notification box. Whether it’s a direct message, a comment, or a review, create a reply to it right away.   

Show your appreciation, and that you want to connect with them more. This will make them feel that you care and are willing to lead them in their buying journey. 

2. Accept feedbacks

Nowadays, customers look for reviews before making an online purchase because it helps the decision-making process easier. They turn on online forums, social media pages, and review websites to know more about the brand they’re eyeing and see what others think about it.

On top of that, consumers also check if the brand responds well on negative reviews.

Building customer relationships will only be possible if your customers trust you. If you don’t respond to negative feedbacks and address issues about your brand, your online credibility will decrease, and worse, you’ll lose potential customers.   

 So, accept feedbacks, whether it’s positive or not. Don’t hide those issues under the rug – face all of them. See these bad reviews as an opportunity to provide a better customer service experience and make meaningful connections.  

3. Provide exclusive offers

Providing exclusive offers or holding contests and giveaways on social media is also a great strategy to build customer relationships. These activities can create a lot of buzz across different social media platforms, which will give your brand a chance to be a part of the trending list.

Include a “tag a friend” rule on the mechanics to spread the word. Ask your followers to tag or mention 3 to 5 of their friends. Then, instruct all of them to follow your business page and share the contest on their timelines to join.   

With this strategy, your will be able to reach more audience, followers, and potential customers. This will also help boost your engagement and overall social media presence.  

4. Post user-generated content

Posting photos and reviews of customers on your timeline is a great social media tactic that attracts more people organically. It is also a great way to increase audience engagement and reach.

So, encourage your customers to share their stories about your brand.

Feature these photos, videos, or testimonials on your business pages to entice past customers to do the same. This will not just improve your relationship with them; it will be a way to promote word-of-mouth marketing, too.

Also, user-generated content is free content. So, when you ran out of social media content ideas, flex your happy customers instead!

5. Be human

As mentioned earlier, you need to respond to inquiries quickly if you want to build lasting customer relationships. You have to assure them that they can be in touch with you at any time of the day, and one way to do this is to use automated tools or chatbots.

They are very useful. However, some customers can get frustrated quickly when they talk to chatbots because they feel like they aren’t getting the answers that they really need. That’s why you need to show your human side and interact with them personally.

Be human. Whether you or your team members answer a question or a customer complaint, it is important to sign the response with your name. Connect with each person, show empathy, and address their name during the conversation.

This will allow you to build a social community where your followers and customers feel comfortable, informed, and safe.

Meaningful connections go a long way

Social media will give you lots of opportunities to build customer relationships. Just remember to respond quickly, provide exclusive offers, answer complaints, share customer stories, and most importantly, be human. You will surely find success if you take care of your customers well.