How to Build a Social Media Strategy in 7 Simple Steps

Building an effective social media strategy doesn’t need to be difficult, even for business startups who want to promote their brand on a wider group of audience.

Easy Media created a simple step-by-step guide below to assist you in creating a concrete marketing plan for your business.

Reach Social Media Success in 7 Simple Steps

A social media marketing strategy is an outline of everything you hope and want to do in social media. It includes the needs, goals, and objectives of your business in order to reach success.

It will guide your actions, allow you to track the progress of your marketing efforts, and let you know if the overall business plan is succeeding or not.

The more precise your strategy is, the more effective and efficient it will be. So, make it clear, well-defined, and short. Make sure that it’s not impossible to measure and unattainable.

Let’s start creating the strategy that will make your business grow.

1. Define your goals and target audience

Your business goals will serve as the foundation of your successful social media plan. That’s why you should take some time to identify and set all of them when creating your strategy.

It is also essential to know more about your audience. From their demographics to the competitors they follow on social media, you need to gather enough data and create buyer personas to make your campaigns highly-targeted.

What are your goals?

What do you want to attain through your social media efforts? Is it to sell more products or services, enhance relationships with your customers, raise brand awareness, or all of the above?

If you don’t know what your objectives are, you won’t be able to measure your growth during the process. You won’t be able to know which campaigns need to stop, and which needs to be enhanced more. In the end, all of your efforts will be nonsense.   

So, define your goals clearly and make sure that it’s “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive).

Who is your target audience?

Who do you want to reach on social media? Understanding your audience better will allow you to reach them quickly and create posts that they will share, like, and comment on.

On top of that, it will be a big help in driving conversions and enhancing your ROI.  

Leverage your data and analytics. Research about their demographics, hobbies, interests, the brands they follow, how they interact on social, and more. Then, create buyer personas based on the data you’ve gathered. The more you know, the more targeted your campaigns will be.

2. Track your competitors

Most of your competitors are probably using social media to promote their brand, so you should build a strategy that can help you stay ahead.

One effective trick is to learn from what your competitors are doing. Track them and do competitive analysis to know them better. You will be able to understand who they are, where they’re good at, where they aren’t good at, and get a good sense of what customers are expecting in your industry.

Competitor analysis will also help you spot great opportunities to win.

For instance, maybe one of your competitors is dominant on Instagram but doesn’t focus much on Facebook. You can take advantage of this situation by concentrating on the platform where target audiences are underserved, rather than competing on the channels where the competition is tight.

3. Focus on video content

People love watching short clips or videos on social media, especially if they are interesting, relevant, and valuable. So, if you want to strengthen your marketing plan even more, include video creation in it.

Need to promote a product? Create a video. Do you want to announce an important event? Create a video.

Videos are a more convenient and faster way to tell a story, and social media users dig them. This will help boost your audience engagement and overall online presence.  

4. Humanize your brand

Other than videos, you should also utilize the Instagram and Facebook’s “Story” feature. Real-time stories will help your audience get to know you better. On top of that, they are also a great tactic to show your human side.

Stories feel more personal and real – it will allow you to build better connections with your followers and fans. On top of that, it’s not an expensive way to increase engagement.

Show your behind-the-scenes, share your thoughts about the latest trends in your industry, create polls, ask questions to your audience, make a 15-second tutorial about your product, and more. Anything is possible – anything will definitely give you an opportunity to connect. 

5. Publish UGCs

Running out of social media content ideas? Then, you should look for photos or reviews of your customers about your product.

Yes, UGCs or user-generated content is a free content that you can use to attract more potential customers organically. They are photos, reviews, testimonials, or stories posted by customers who purchased one of your products or services.

When you feature their posts on your business pages, they will feel more valued and appreciated, and may encourage them to buy from you again and give another review.

It’s also a great word-of-mouth strategy. So, always make your customers happy. Provide quality service and give them the best buying experience to earn lots recommendations.

6. Build trust and loyalty

Be transparent with your target audience, followers, and customers. This will help build trust and loyalty between your brand and your community, which leads to consistent growth in the future.

But, how can you show transparency?

It’s easy. Admit your mistakes, address your shortcomings, and share them to your community. Respond to both positive and negative reviews. Solve the issues of your customers about your products or services. And most importantly, provide honest answers to questions and inquiries.     

7. Stay connected

Do you want to boost your customer’s purchase intent and loyalty? Then, stay connected with them and respond to comments or messages quickly.

People won’t wait for a couple of hours just to get a response from you. They will definitely find a brand that can provide them a faster response, so you should step up your game.

Try setting up personalized automation tools or chatbots to your website and social media pages. They can help you send immediate replies to questions and inquiries. However, don’t just rely on chatbots alone because they won’t be able specific concerns.

Make sure to spend time to interact with potential customers. This way, you won’t miss any important business opportunities.

If you don’t have a lot of time, on the other hand, try asking for help from experts like Easy Media.

Building a social media strategy is quite easy, right?

We couldn’t agree more. As long as you have the right guide with easy-to-follow steps, you will be able to create a marketing strategy that can help you reach the top.