How Pinterest Can Help You Generate More Sales for Your Business

Pinterest is known as the most popular and most used social media channel among women. Sharing photos that relate to anything under the sun that can be about interior design, recipes, fashion, graphic design, animated GIFS, and many more!

But Pinterest is more than just that, if you will have an idea of how it works then it can help your business boost sales through this platform.

If we can describe Pinterest in two words, it will be “ideas” and “inspiration”. This platform is helpful not just for women but also for men who are searching for ideas for their upcoming wedding, looking for some inspiration for their home design, or just simply want to find pots for their plants. You heard that right! You can also search for products that you can actually buy on Pinterest itself. This platform is enormous, and the ideas and inspiration that you can get are endless.

Regardless of the industry or niche, your business is in. Pinterest can help you attract your target audience by:

  • Letting your customers see what your products or services can do to benefit them
  • Provide them visuals on how they can benefit from your offerings
  • Continuously give fresh ideas to your target audience
  • Establish a community instead of just followers with the help of extensive visuals on Pinterest

When you discover and learn how Pinterest can help your business out, you will have an additional platform to cater your products or services. This is a social media channel that your target audience hangs out to look for inspiration and ideas.

Here are some fascinating statistics on Pinterest:

  • 60% of social media users choose this social media channel over any others out there.
  • 70% of users who are online say that one of the reasons why they buy a product or avail a service is because they found it on Pinterest.
  • 85% of social media users say that Pinterest helps them make a purchase
  • According to Pinterest Business, they receive the highest traffic referral compared to other social media channels

What is Pinterest?

Think of a photo album with all of your favorite pictures of all of your favorite things, movies, sceneries, and the like. Pinterest is like that but makes it more of an online and virtual photo album. It makes its users either pin or post original visuals, as well as save and bookmark them. Then users can also make a board with all of the related visuals that they pin or upload.

Relevant elements of Pinterest

#1 Pin – this is when a social media user saves either an image or video to their account. Every pin is clickable to its original source and can generate a lot of traffic to your e-commerce site. As a result, can generate both leads and sales. 

#2 Board – some users on Pinterest tend to pin a lot and can generate to a billion Pins in over a month. That’s why Pinterest made this feature where users can collect and organize their Pins that is a Board. Users can even follow a Board that interests them.

#3 Feed – it is similar to Facebook’s newsfeed where all the Pins that other users do and activities go here.

You can have two types of Pinterest account:

  • Individual Account
  • Business Account

They’re both free but have a different purpose. For the business account, you will have access to analytics data that the personal account doesn’t have.

Aside from advertising your business to Facebook, Instagram, and the like you can also use Pinterest to do that. As it is now used to look for “ideas” and “inspiration”, this is one of the perfect places to be to show what your products or services are for.

According to research, Pinterest comes second used social media channel in the United States of America after Facebook where people discover new products and services and can trigger their purchasing decisions.

How Pinterest can help your business grow

#1 Pinterest can give you targeted traffic for your e-commerce site

Are you on a budget but still want to look for other ways on how to increase traffic to your e-commerce site? Then Pinterest can help you achieve just that! Pins are clickable and can direct Pinterest users to the original source of it – which is your website. If you can produce pin-able visual content on this platform then you will have more chances of driving traffic to your e-commerce site.

#2 Pinterest can help you increase your sales better

With so many choices of both products and services out there, people can become picky about their purchases online. Pinterest comes in to make the decision making in purchasing easier for users. It is a search engine but concentrates more on visuals and can take users directly to the original source. This means that through Pins and Boards you can have a higher chance of increasing not just leads but also sales.

#3 Pinterest lets you build your community not just followers

By providing pin-able and quality visual content, you can earn the trust of your target audiences and also their recommendation. You can also trigger them to come back for more Pins and Boards from your account.

#4 Pinterest lets you be up to date with the latest trends

Pinterest lets you be updated with Pins of other accounts that are also producing relevant visual content. Yes, you may check your competitors’ Pins and Boards to have an idea of what you’re creating is still relevant or on-trend. 

#5 Pinterest can let you share inspirational ideas 

Aside from advertising your business on Pinterest, you can also share something that relates to your product or services and can still inspire users with it. Users on Pinterest also follows “Inspirational Boards” since Pinterest is used for seeking ideas and inspiration. Refrain from creating visual content that is only about sales since users or anyone can detect if someone is just in it for the sales alone and not for engaging or providing inspiration to users.

That’s it – reasons on how Pinterest can help your business boost sales and even leads.

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