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Facebook Insights: An Outstanding Analytics Tools for Beginners

One of the most powerful analytical tools that you can use to level up your content marketing strategy is Facebook Insights – that is, if you know how to use and make the most out of it.

Through Facebook Insights, you will be able to receive a handful of data that can help you understand more about your Page. It will assist you in determining the right social media growth tactics, which include producing content that resonates with your target audience.

And since it comes with different data-points available to measure, you will also be able to get an awesome overview of how your overall Facebook strategy is performing, and how you can improve it for better results.

In this article, Easy Media will tell you everything about this robust social media analytics tool – from its key sections to some effective tips that can help you become a Facebook Analytics pro in no time.

What is Facebook Insights?

It is a free analytics tool offered by the platform, which assists brands and marketers in analyzing their fans, posts, and overall page performance. From understanding what content type boosts engagement to determining the current follower count and post reach, it can definitely guide you through the way to success.

How to use Facebook Insights?

This tool is very easy to use and understand – perfect for beginners. It can transform even he least social-media savvy member in your team into a Facebook analytics expert.

Here are the key sections that you need to know:

1. Overview

The Overview tab offers a complete picture of your audience’s activities on your Facebook page per week.  Some of the things that it covers include the likes, shares, and comments your content received, the number of new followers you gained, and the number of people who viewed your posts.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Overview tab:

  • Page Summary – Represents your Page’s key metrics for the week, including Reach, Post Engagement, and Page Likes. It allows you to get a quick assessment of your Page’s performance.
  • 5 Most Recent Posts – It shows the data of your latest five posts, including reach, targeting, post type, published date and time, engagement, and post caption. You will be able to determine how well your recent posts are performing.
  • Pages to Watch – This section shows a comparison of your Page with other Facebook Pages you want to track. You will be able to know if it performs better compared to your competitors.

By understanding the performance and key metrics on your page, you will be able to see if there is any sort of pattern developing. If there is, you can dive deeper into the other sections of Facebook Insights. 

2. Page Likes

This tab allows users to go beyond just knowing the number of Page Likes they already have. It shows their likes’ sources, averages, and growth.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Likes tab:

  • Total Page Likes – This represents your Page Likes’ overall trend.
  • Net Likes – It shows your Page Likes’ daily growth, including the proportion of unlikes and likes you receive.
  • Where Your Page Likes Happened – This tells you where all the likes you gain came from.

Keep track of your Page likes and make sure that you’re attracting the right audience – this will help build your brand across social media fast. And one way to do this is to use this tab of Facebook Insights. 

3. Page Reach

The Page Reach tab will help you understand how many people clicked and viewed your posts. It will also show you how they respond or interact with your content, as well as the factors that boost or reduce your reach.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Page Reach tab:

  • Post Reach – Represents the number of people your social media posts have reached through promotions or organically. This will allow you to asses if your ads are working.
  • Reactions, Comments, and Shares –The high engagement rate on this section simply shows that your post reach is increasing. Facebook will serve your content to more people when it receives a lot of reactions, comments, and shares.
  • Reactions – If you have a high number of likes on your Facebook posts, this Reaction chart will show on the Page Reach tab.
  • Hide, Report as Span, Unlikes – Monitor this graph to check how many your negative feedbacks you have. Always remember that “Unlike Page”, “Report as Spam”, and “Hide Posts” are all negative reviews, so go to this section to track them and improve your posts.
  • Total Reach – This section will tell you how many people saw the activities on your Facebook Page. You will be able to see the growth of your paid and organic reach through this section. 

4. Page Views

As its name denotes, the Page Views tab will tell you who viewed the sections of your Facebook page. It looks like Google Analytics’ traffic report, showing your top traffic sources, and of course, page views.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Page Views tab:

  • Total Views – It simply represents the number of times Facebook users viewed your Page. For instance, if the same user checked your page thrice, it will be considered as three views.
  • Total People Who Viewed – This section will tell you how many people have viewed your Page. If the same person visited your Page twice, it will only be considered as one view.
  • Top Sources – It shows the top 5 traffic sources that engaged people to visit your Page. You can increase your efforts on those sources to boost your page views. 

5. Actions on Page

This tab allows marketers to understand and analyze what Facebook users do when visiting their Page. Some of the actions that the platform considers are clicking on your contact number, action button, website, and the “Get Direction” button.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Action on Page tab:

  • Total Actions on Page – It shows the number of actions Facebook users have taken on your Page.
  • People Who Clicked Action Button – This section comes with a graph that represents the number of people who clicked your action button, “Get directions” button, website link, and phone number. 

6. Posts

The Posts tab of Facebook Insights contains all the data about the content you publish and share, including metrics like engagement and reach. If you want to boost your posts, you can also do it in this tab directly.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Posts tab:

  • When Your Fans Are Online – This graph will tell you the most optimal times to post on Facebook. It will show you how active your fans and followers are, on each hour of the day.
  • Post Types – This section will allow you to identify which types of content perform best on your Page. You will be able to adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly with its help.
  • Top Posts from Pages You Watch – It shows your top post of the week and the engagement it received.
  • All Posts Published – All the posts published on your Page will be seen in this section. Each post comes with relevant data, including engagement, reach, post type, and published date and time. 

7. Events

The Events tab will show you how successful your Facebook events are. You will be able to determine what is working and what is not working on the events that you promote. You can check the demographics of your audience, the number of those who responded to your event, and those who attended.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Events tab:

  • Event Stats (Engagement, Awareness, Tickets) – There are several graphs on this section, which provides data about the engagement and awareness of your events.
  • Events Stats (Audience) – It represents the breakdown of your audience by gender and age group. You will be able to know the demographics of people who are most interested in your Facebook events.
  • Upcoming/Past – It shows the insights of your past and upcoming Facebook events. 

8. Video Analytics

This section simply tells you how well your uploaded and shared videos are performing. It shows your number of views per video.

Here are the sections that you can find on the Videos tab:

  • Video Views – It shows how many times your videos were viewed by Facebook users.
  • 10-second Views – It comes with a graph that will tell you how many times your videos were viewed for at least 10 seconds.
  • Top videos – This section represents your 5 best videos, which have been viewed for at least 3 seconds. 

9. People Analytics

The People tab simply shows how many Facebook users liked your Page, saw your content, or engages with your brand.

Here are the sections that you can find on the People tab:

  • Your Fans – This section represents those who liked your Page. It breaks down your followers according to language, gender, age group, and location.
  • People Reached and People Engaged – The first part of this section (People Reached) shows the people who saw your content in the past 28 days. The second part (People Engaged), on the other hand, shows the people who commented on, shared, or liked your posts in the past 28 days.

10. Messages

The Messages tab lists all the key performance metrics of your interactions with users on Facebook Messenger. Some of the metrics listed on the tab include:

  • Total Conversations
  • Your Responsiveness
  • Deleted Conversations
  • Marked as Spam
  • Blocked Conversations

Final Thoughts

With Facebook Insights, measuring the success of your Facebook content and overall Page has become easier. Monitor your posts and keep track of your target audience’s preferences – the growth of your brand will definitely rise up in the long run.