Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is better for your business?

So what can bring a better return on investment (ROI) to your business? Is it by using Facebook Ads or Google Ads? And the answer will always be the same – it varies on what your niche is, the product or services that you offer, and of course your budget.

The Comparison: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

It is understandable to be confused with these two ads when your business is just starting out. That’s why we at Easy Media Team jotted down the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads for your convenience. 

All about Google Ads

We all know that Google is one of the well-known search engines that millions of people use every day. It was created in 1998 by Sergy Brin and Larry Page from Stanford University. While co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim made it come alive with a $100,000 check. 

Fast forward to today, results relating to tips, products, services, videos, local business, and anything under the sun can be searched on Google. It processes over 40,000 search queries per second and more than 1 billion every day. You can just imagine the number of audiences that you can attract with Google Ads.

Google Ads is known before as Google AdWords and it has become the most famous pay per click advertising online platform. Pay per click advertising (PPC) means that the advertisers like you will only pay when a user clicks on your ad. 

What will my Google Ad look like?

For example, if you search the term “laundry shop near me” on Google. In the results, you will notice all of the top listings marked with a green “ad” or “sponsored” label. Google will even show you relevant results based on where you are. How cool is that, right?

All about Facebook Ads

If Google Ads is known for its pay per click or paid search advertisement. Facebook Ads is known for paid socials. Nowadays, social media is not only for communication with your family and friends. It can also be a platform to advertise what your business can offer to your niche. 

With over 2.27 billion active users monthly, Facebook has one of the many users in the online platform. While Facebook Ads garnered 25% of all online ad spend. Since we unconsciously share personal information about ourselves on Facebook, it has the advantage to know the social behavior of your target customers as well.

Have you ever wondered how we can suddenly see ads on Facebook about the products or services that we really like or we plan to buy?

That’s because Facebook gathers a lot of data like the topics you engage with, pages that you like, content that you share, your birth date, location, and so on. This information is then analyzed by this platform and identifies what can trigger our purchasing power. 

For this reputation, Facebook Ads is most used by startups and small businesses to better attract their target audiences or people who will most likely buy their products or services. 

How do Facebook Ads and Google Ads work?

The main difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is how your products or services are shown to potential customers. Facebook ads appear based on the interests of users, while Google Ads are shown after users have searched for a product or service specifically. 

Let’s dive deeper into detail.

Google Ads mostly attract target customers by its “keywords” or also known as search queries entered on Google by users. When these users search a particular keyword on Google, the results of the shown pages will appear. But on the top of the results will be the ones that have an “ad” or “sponsored” label. These promoted listings of advertisers on Google can have an allotted budget for its ad to show when a specific keyword is searched by a user. This platform can also help you in finding new potential customers. 

While Facebook Ads lets your ad be seen by people based on their interests, behaviors, personal information, and the like to trigger their decision making in purchasing your product or service. With this, you should truly know who your target customers are on Facebook so that your return on investment (ROI) can be maximized. Aside from your ROI, you can also have the chance to build genuine relationships with your customers since you can directly message them on this social media platform. 

Easy Media Team’s Recommendation for you

If you are looking for a return on investment on your actual budget spent, then Google Ads can be the right one for you. Since it also works as a pay per click ad, meaning that you will only pay Google when a user actually clicked on your ad. Google Ads can also help you find new or potential customers. Plus if you’re a startup or new business with a decent budget for ads, then Google Ads might be the one for you!

However, if you are interested in your target audiences’ triggering behaviors to purchase your product or services while establishing a direct and genuine relationship with them, then Facebook Ads is for you. Another thing about this ad is the possibility of the word of mouth advertising by your customers on this social media platform. While also humanizing your brand since you can directly talk to your customers on Facebook as well. 

Every business has a different goal and niche so whatever you choose will surely be the best for your business since you’re the only one that can truly know the core of it. We also highly suggest that you look beyond your return on investment (ROI) and consider other intangible aspects that your ad can bring to your business as well. 

And as usual, running ads is a trial and error. There is no such thing as an overnight success. If you’re still unsure about what ad is best for your business and budget, Easy Media Team can help you out!