8 Fun Ideas for your Business to Standout on Instagram

With over 500 million active users daily, Instagram is the place to be for your business to get noticed by many potential customers. In 2012, after the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram. It had many changes and upgrades that we all enjoy using until today.

These changes and upgrades include:

  • App layout
  • Instagram filters
  • Instagram game filters
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram TV (IGTV)
  • Instagram Reels

And more to come!

So how can your business keep up with all of the changes on Instagram? Better yet, how can you stand out from other businesses that are already on this ever-changing online platform?

Show your most authentic self and build genuine relationships with your audience.

In order for your brand to be unforgettable on Instagram is by being your true self. Show your audiences how your product or service can benefit them. And what makes your brand unique from your competitors. Make it a point to also make them the “star” of all of your posts. Since they’re the ones who are going to buy it. Don’t just post to sell. Post something that can inspire and inform your audiences as well.

Establish genuine relationships with your audience, since they are your potential customers as well. Feature them on your IG stories and feed. Let them feel appreciated when they buying your products or services. You can also go the extra mile to DM them and ask them how they are and not just DM to sell them something. This is just one of the many ideas that you can do on Instagram.

Here are the 8 fun ideas for your business to stand out on Instagram:

#1 Share the story of how your business started

Sharing your story behind your business can help in building a genuine relationship with your audience. Believe it or not, but people love to hear about passions that fueled an entrepreneur to start their business. Make them feel inspired and also appreciated. Since your products and services can benefit not just you, but most importantly them.

#2 Share insider scenes

Social media users love a good #BTS or behind the scenes from their favorite businesses. It can give them a different point of view aside from the social media posts that you share on your feed.

For example, if you’re selling birthday cakes. You can post behind the scenes on how you put frostings or how you bake the cake itself from scratch. Share with them something different and be creative with it.

You can share anything that you feel is of great worth and valuable about your business. This can give your followers more reason to buy from you since you share this insider information with them. 

#3 Show some products or services in action

This is kinda similar to the second idea, but this idea is more specific. 

For example, you sell cleaner sofa vacuum. You can share videos on how it works and how it can clean your customer’s sofa by using it. You can also be creative in editing and mapping out ideas for your video in action. You’ll never know when it can also go viral. 

When you share a video that is more of a “how-to” rather than a “buy me” post, it is more likely to be watched and seen by many social media users.

If you offer services, you can share a video on how you do it. For example, you own a laundry shop, you can show a video of how you fold clean clothes like Mari Kondo. 

#4 Take a picture of your physical store

If you have a physical store, you can take pictures of some parts of it that are aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays, social media users are also into places that are “Instagrammable” show them that your brick and mortar can also be used by them to take photos. 

This will also encourage your followers to tag you in their photos and even recommend your shop to their friends and family! 

#5 Share the humans behind your brand

These are not the ID photos that you usually see in an office ID. But pictures of your staff that makes your business alive. This can also build trust between your audience and staff members since it can be transparent who makes the products or does the services they avail from you.

#6 Showoff your customers

What better way to make your customers feel appreciated is by including them in your IG Story and posts.

Here are some tips on how you can show them off:

  • Reposting pictures that they tagged your IG Page
  • Taking a picture of them with your product or while availing your services

By doing this, you can make your current customers excited to check your next post since they know that you’re not just posting about your product or services, but also them.

This can also drive more sales and engagement from your Instagram Page since these customers can share that you featured them in your account.

#7 Feature your products aesthetically

 You can post a flat lay of your products that is in aerial view for your followers to see up close photos of what you’re offering. You can also spice things up by adding some extra trinkets that are the same color as your product.

#8 Is your hashtag game strong?

Hashtags are the SEO of Instagram. People search for hashtags on Instagram to find out more about the things they are interested in. It is keywords or phrases that are preceded by a pound sign and spelled without spaces.

Here are 5 tips you can follow to ace your hashtag game:

  • Improve your reach- posting your business with hashtags included increases the chance of broader reach and engagement. Plus, hashtags are also clickable!
  • Engage with other social media users- another benefit of using a hashtag is that it enables you to communicate with other social media users. You can join in the online discussions by searching for the most popular hashtags they commonly use.
  • Improve your product and services- media hashtag gives you access to the newsfeed of other social media users. It enables you to read their opinions about your brand and also to your competitors as well.
  • Create an exclusive hashtag- customizing your business hashtag is not limited to giving you the benefit of monitoring the visibility of your business on Instagram. It also allows you to keep an eye on user-generated content.
  • Organize events- whether the event is purely online or an actual event, these event hashtags are great for facilitating engagement.

We understand your struggle if you don’t have time to manage your Instagram account, so feel free to contact Easy Media Team today!