7 Tips in Creating Captivating Content

 Is your content catchy enough to attract potential customers? Does your social media marketing strategies help you achieve your brand’s goal?

If your answer is no, worry not because Easy Media Team got you! 

     Here are proven tips for creating captivating content you can use right away!

     #1. Be clear to the viewers

          To achieve your goals in social media marketing, you have to create captivating content that will inspire the viewers to stay updated on your products or services. They are not just a viewer but your clients. They are the ones that keep on checking your business profile to buy more and the people who give your brand referrals. To know how you are going to create catchy content, you must gather data about your target audiences. Keep in mind the data about your target audience once you start creating content. Ask yourself if the content you’re about to produce will be catchy to these audiences.

     #2. Be consistent

          Have you ever had a friend who suddenly stopped communicating with you? A friend who’s in there through ups and downs but suddenly stopped communicating with you to the point that you forgot you had a friend like him/her? If yes, that is what your followers will feel if you failed to be consistent in posting content. They will eventually forget what your brand is all about. 

          Consistency in posting content doesn’t necessarily mean that your followers expect you to publish content every minute. There must be a consistent frequency between your published contents. It is also highly recommended to allot a specific time to post your content. If you have an allotted time, the same user who’s online at that same time will keep on seeing your posts until they begin to expect your content every day. 

          To be aware of the time you must publish your content, check your social media platform’s analytics. It will give you data about your current reach and engagements for the past weeks or months. 

     #3. Be sure to create worthy content

          One tap is all it takes in unfollowing your business page if your content is not what your followers are expecting. Although consistency is the key, efficiency is crucial. 

          What you publish reflects what your brand is all about. Low-quality videos and blurred photos are enough factors to unfollow your business page. So include quality management and analytics to track content output on the runtime to know the effectiveness of the content you published. 

     #4. Focus on producing video content

          Video content is proven effective by the professionals who used this strategy to get a higher return on their investment. Your business can expand faster if you use videos for your advertisements. Here are some guides in creating video content: 

  • Convey a story

                    Although all kinds of stories are powerful, hero stories have their own level of impact. Produce video contents that make your product or service a hero by resolving what your target audiences might be experiencing. Video content like these will give a positive impact on your brand. 

  • Match the video content with the social media platform’s format

                    With over a hundred social media platforms today, each platform offers different photo and video formats. You must edit the content based on what the format of the platform is to avoid distraction to the viewers. 

  • Add subtitles

                    Are you aware that 85% of people who use social media don’t want to watch videos with music? This is to avoid unexpected audios to be heard from their phone. So, keep in mind that it is a must to add subtitles to the video content you will produce. 

     #5. Consider doing a live video

          Social media viewers love to connect with brands who can communicate with them. Consider organizing live videos for your business profile. Here are some of the suggested contents you can do for your live video:

  • Live question and answer

                    Organizing this content will enable social media users to send their queries about the product or service you are offering. The fun part here is that you can easily answer their query right at the moment they asked the question.

  • Announce special promos

                    Before your live event, make sure that you published content that informs your followers that you are about to say something special. You can also create hype about the upcoming live event by posting preview or teaser videos about what the live event is all about.

     #6. Engage with your customers

          Social media engagement has two types: interaction from the customer and interaction from your brand. Interaction with the customer refers to the loyalty you get from them. These are the likes, comments, and shares of your published content initiated by your viewers. Next is the interaction from your brand – the most essential part of managing your social media account. It refers to how you communicate with your followers and viewers. This will be the basis of your followers and viewers on how they are going to interact with you. If you don’t know how you are going to start interacting with your customer, here are some tips. 

                    – Respond to the customer’s insight about your brand.

                    – Display what your product or service is about rather than texts only.

                    – Share your follower’s content about your brand.

     #7. Utilize paid advertisements

          You can surely build your brand through different social media platforms. But will it be effective in achieving your goals? Of course, but it’s going to take a lot of time. It might take a month or a few years and even a decade. So, if you want to achieve your goals faster, you should consider paying for your advertisement slots. 

     Now that we’ve discussed the 7 tips in creating captivating content, keep in mind to utilize these tips not just to captivate the attention of the viewers but to increase your sales and earnings as well. 

If you are struggling in starting, you can give us a call today, and let’s work together to achieve your content goals!