7 Social Media Marketing Strategies Inspired by Top Brands

  Social media marketing can be scary, but not if you know how to impress your target audiences. Promote your brand the right way after we identify how these brands successfully ace marketing their business on social media. 

These are 7 social media marketing guidance inspired by famous brands you can try out! 

     #1. Produce fun content

               Our inspiration for the first guide is from a globally recognized brand owned by Kellogg’s, Pop-Tarts. This company has been producing sweet toasted pastries since 1964. However, their approach to their target audiences, who are the young twitter-savvy viewers, was not as sweet as their product. They have been approaching the viewers through mimicking the tones of popular Twitter accounts. Keep in mind that the expression of your content must be as catchy as possible. Once you’ve decided, post regularly and stick with the brand. 

               Another thing to keep in mind is being consistent in engaging with your followers. Interaction with social media users is a proven way of building the relationship and trust between your brand and the target audiences you have.

     #2. Share content regularly

               One of the best social media brands that do a great job in using different social media platforms is the sportswear company Reebok. Their company has been producing shoes, sports cloth, and other athletic-related equipment. With a strong digital marketing strategy, they managed to reach their target reach and engagement. It also paved their way to being marked as an expert in the industry.  

              Posting colorful fitness photos is one of the strategies this company has been doing. They always provide valuable contents that attract the attention of their potential customers. But this will not be successful without their most important strategy posting content regularly. 

     #3: Explore other social media platforms

                Pinterest has its fair share in promoting businesses online. This platform will provide help by having an increase in your website sales and audience. The eBay-owned company that sells tickets for sports and concerts known as StubHub proved it. Pinterest has been the home of this world’s largest ticket company. Although it can be daunting because the platform was ideal for apparel and DIY companies, StubHub took advantage of this platform by producing a creative plan. Through using boards for different kinds of events selling tickets like baseball hubs, indie music hubs, and Broadway hubs. 

               StubHub supports diverse interests because they rely on multiple demographics. They provide their viewers with interviews of the performers and photographs of famous athletes. Contents like these captivated the attention of the users to follow their accounts because they crave more. 

     #4: Utilize every feature for an easy-access website

               Another brand that found their home on Instagram is Wayfair. This company is one of the social media’s top brands that has been selling furnishings and home goods since 2002. And since the latest shopping features of Instagram came out in early 2018, they’ve been getting conversions from the said application. With just a touch of the finger, it is no longer hard to disable the occasional scrolling of the Instagram app and access your site. These made possible by using the in-app purchase features of Instagram.

               If social media users like what they see, all they have to do is to tap the photo posted on the platform. It will allow the users to have access to the product name, prices, and other details included in the post. Most of the content of the Instagram business account of this company features stylish and creative photos of their products. Contents like these attract the attention of the possible customers of the brand.

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     #5. Be updated with current happenings.

               Wendy’s handle their social media accounts similar to Pop-Tarts. They interact with their followers with sarcastic and witty messages. But what makes this brand different is that they remain updated with current events. 

              There is always something going on in the world, whether sporty or otherwise. Before posting to your social media accounts, spend some time browsing your feed and finding out what’s going on in the news. When you have an idea of what everyone is talking about, give your insight with catchy and funny captions. Tweets like these are most likely to get a lot of interactions.

               Another strategy from this American international fast food restaurant chain is providing customer service and seasonal posts in their social media accounts. Customer service refers to answering the queries of your customers. It can be through replying to their messages on inbox or through comments or gathering the questions and posting the answers through a post. Meanwhile, the seasonal post refers to the contents intended for the upcoming holidays. These encourage engagements with your customers and the promotion of your business.

     #6. Create clear and concise profile pages

               In 2017, the IT global technology leader Cisco Systems ranked No. 4 on LinkedIn’s Top 10 Company Pages. As mentioned earlier, explore other social media platforms. Doing this will enable you to take advantage of the features of other social media platforms. Just like Cisco, they have been doing a great job by sharing content through the platform LinkedIn. 

               The company page of the company mentioned shows a clear and concise profile. In just one look, you will immediately identify what their company is all about. Just like this company, you have to make sure that you provide details that are directly talking to the possible customers. You have to describe clearly how your product or service can provide a solution to their problem. It is also necessary to fill out every aspect of the background information the platform is asking. Give people as much information as possible about your business. 

     #7: Provide users with relatable contents

              With 300K followers on Instagram, our last brand inspiration is the Letterfolk. It is a family-owned home decor company that sells small letter boards. Social media users love their content simply because they can relate to it. The husband and wife team behind this company does not hesitate to explain the daily importance of life as business people.

               The most important thing about their content is that they are taggable. A quick view through the comments section on their Instagram reveals the users that tagged their friends or family.

     And there you have it social media marketing strategies inspired by top brands. 

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