7 Digital Marketing Tips to Jumpstart Your Business after the COVID-19 Pandemic

The world’s current situation (COVID-19) has placed a spotlight on all parts of business marketing. As the impact of coronavirus continuously strikes around the globe, business owners should be more proactive and look for effective digital marketing tips to stay afloat.

The virus has swept across the globe and affected the lives of millions of people, including employees. They’re enforced to work from home, which means hundreds of companies and establishments are closed – from movie theatres to recreation facilities.

After a couple of months, however, the United States has begun reopening and relaxing shelter-in-place regulations. A few states have reopened their restaurants, salons, barbershops, and movie theatres. But, they only allow a limited number of customers to maintain social distancing.

In other words, they should still look for other methods to better promote their products or services.

Post-COVID Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

Is your business ready to grind again once these uncertain times end?

Actually, you don’t need to wait until everything goes back to normal. Besides, we’re already in the “new normal”, where most people work and stay at home, and where brands take advantage of digital marketing to keep their company going.

What you should do is to start rebuilding your online presence today to strengthen it once COVID-19 ends.

Here are some of the best digital marketing tips that can help jumpstart your business after surviving this pandemic.

1. Rebuild your reputation

Google stopped publishing Q&As and new reviews on the profiles of businesses for a while because of the pandemic. And because of this, a lot of companies have struggled to maintain their review management tactics. Other than that, they were also prevented from responding to customer reviews.

But after a few months, Google started republishing customer reviews and allowed review responses on business profiles again. This is how they moderated the content as everything goes back to normal.

This is also the best chance for you to recreate your online reputation. Start building new positive reviews and links to make your reputation management profile better. The competition is not as tight as how it is before, so you should take advantage of it. Reach out to your audience and establish social proofs.

You should also:

  • Fix any issues with your website
  • Use tools to track brand interactions and solve negative fallouts
  • Re-engage with recent customers
  • Encourage customers to share their unique experience from your brand
  • Use a review widget on website to leverage social proof
  • Re-connect with industry partners

2. Make your digital structure robust

A business’s digital foundation is its website. In other words, you have to make and keep its structure strong to reach more target consumers and drive lots of conversions.

Redesign your website, leverage digital innovations, and utilize social media marketing strategies to promote your brand. These tactics will continue to be a huge part of your marketing efforts in the long run.

Here’s how you can adjust your web strategy:

  • Use web hosting services
  • Optimize pages
  • Produce engaging graphics and videos
  • Upgrade your website’s ecommerce capabilities
  • Keep branding consistent
  • Fix product photos
  • Update site content

3. Get more visibility

Nowadays, consumers prefer buying goods and services online than going out because of the current situation. That’s why you need to increase your brand visibility online to attract new buyers.

The first thing to do is monitor Google Trends. Then, make the most out of your data tracking tools to know the search intent of your target customers. You should also ensure that the structure of your marketing plan is still strong and adapting to the changes around the digital marketing world by revisiting fundamental SEO factors.

Also, take note that fresh strategy and research is always necessary because the search landscape and volume is constantly changing. Focus your SEO plan around the topics and keywords related to your niche. This will ensure that your target market can easily find your company when they’re ready to make a purchase.

4. Reevaluate your strategies

Make sure to reevaluate your strategies and take advantage of all the cost-effective digital marketing tips or solutions online. Some businesses have pulled back their advertising budgets because of the pandemic, and started using organic search tactics.

Check out these quick tips:

  • Offer discounts and be flexible with marketing costs
  • Help the community
  • Invest in improving your digital presence
  • Increase ad budgets
  • Build a strong, long-term marketing strategy
  • Perform search engine optimization

5. Be transparent

Customers and prospects want to hear more often about the brands they follow on the web and social media during these tough times. That’s why should send newsletters and strengthen your email marketing strategies to inform them about your business updates, policy changes, and other company developments.

Email marketing can also be utilized to keep in touch with your target audience and let them know that you’re there to assist them. This can help maintain effective business and client communication, even after the pandemic.  

6. Share valuable content

Stay connected with your audience, followers, and customers by creating and publishing valuable content on your website and social media pages. Make sure that your content is useful, data-driven, and tackles how you brand can help the consumers solve their problems.

Find innovative ways and methods to promote your business effectively and capture the attention of your target audience. On top of that, you should also optimize each post with keywords and tags to rank higher on search engines.

7. Utilize ecommerce solutions

Consumer behavior continues to evolve as years go by. And as we see it, a lot of people will prefer to have online book services, virtual purchases and communications, and have their orders delivered on their doorstep.

So, if you want your brand to stand out, you should always be active and present online. By utilizing ecommerce optimization methods, you will be able to show to your audience that your services are available for them 24/7.

Here are some tips:

  • Place your review widget properly
  • Be smart in using PPC ads
  • Make the most out of tools for Shopify
  • Remove unnecessary sections on your website
  • Offer a loyalty program to customers
  • Optimize Amazon product listings
  • Diversify the products you offer

Start Rebuilding your Business

The coronavirus cases around the globe are still rising, and there’s no definite answer to when this situation will end. That’s why you need to step up your game and look for effective digital marketing tips and strategies to move your business forward.