6 Proven Business Tips to Execute on Instagram


     People love to see what a business can offer. Hence, Instagram is one of their go-to’s. It enables people to have a visual look at the product you are offering. And so, if you haven’t tried using Instagram for your business, this is the sign to do so. 

Here are the 6 ways you can execute to ace your business using the platform Instagram. 

     #1: Identify your target consumers.

          You can apply different methods but, it will only be successful if you know who your target is. Spend time thinking who are the possible customers of the business you are promoting and look at what kind of content your followers might want or need. These will help you identify how you are going to catch their attention to produce customers out of your followers. If you don’t know how to start, worry not because Instagram got you! Here are two features Instagram offers:

  • Instagram Insights

                 This feature is a powerful analytics tool that can assist you by giving you pieces of information such as:

  • Overview refers to the number of Instagram users who have seen your Instagram posts and their engagement with the audiences. Instagram measures this by likes, comments, shares, and the number of people who saved the post.
  • Content you shared is a section on Instagram that shows you in detail how many times the user visited or seen your posts, stories, videos, and promotions.
  • Social Listening

                     It is a medium that can help you understand your audiences better as it gives you the benefit of getting beyond your current followers. You need to understand what makes your target happy, what’s bothering them, and their insight on your brand. Knowledge about these things will help you increase your reach and engagements. 

                    Social Listening will inform you about the conversations that are taking place on social media platforms like Instagram. Therefore, using this will help you monitor relevant keywords such as industry-related terms and hashtags created by the competitors.

     #2: Switch into a Business Account

          Creating a business account rather than a personal one gives you the benefit of gaining more exposure and build a strong brand. That is because posts will not be found on your “personal” account when your target audience searches for relevant keywords or hashtags. An increase in engagement and broad reach is one of your objectives. Hence, you want your visuals to appear when people search for locations or search for related hashtags. 

     #3: Be Catchy

          Having the right business profile is a must in the business world. Thinking out of the box to develop new concepts and ideas will make your brand unique. Here are ways that can help you create an attention-grabbing profile: 

  • Instagram Bio 

                    The last thing you want to happen in your business is to receive negative feedback. Having a non-professional bio will give the client a nonchalant expression. Hence, your beginning should be attractive enough to make your client impressed with how you present your business online. These are some of the ways on how to attract clients:

  • Describe how and why your business is unique.
  • Does it match the audience’s interest?
  • Build a connection through your brand’s voice.
  • Relevant Links 

                    Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in posts. However, you can have one in your profile’s bio. Keep in mind that the link you’ll put must guarantee the safety and connection between the client and your business.

  • Profile Photo

                         Your profile picture has a vital contribution when it comes to attracting the audience’s attention. It is what the followers see at the beginning. Hence, viewers must immediately understand what your business is all about. Suggested profile pictures for a business account includes the brand logo and logomark. However, you can use any photo that best describes your brand that will enable the audience to recognize you.

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     #4: Creative Approach

          One of the vital business tips in posting online is providing value and creativity. Building your brand depends upon the effectiveness of the approach you’ve chosen. Be creative with the visual contents and captions you’ll post. Just make sure that your posts will be as engaging as possible. For instance, you can create videos that express how your business works. This way, your customers will have a deeper understanding of your business’ culture.

     #5: Plan your visual contents

          Vision is a vital part of your business too. It enables you to plan and attain the goals you’ve set. These will be your basis in deciding on what your content should be. Here are some tips for having creative content:

  • Make special offers for the clients.
  • Be professional in taking pictures.
  • Post informative content that will grab the attention of your target customers.

          Smart marketers know that there is more than the picture-perfect content on Instagram. You must go beyond your goal and explore to reach your marketing goals. 

    #6: Create a content strategy

          Business tips outlined above will only work if you have a solid content strategy. Below are the factors you should consider in creating your content approach:

  • Schedule

                         Posting your business in a creative and catchy way will not work if you overwhelm your followers by providing them tons of published content in a day. You have to identify when is the right time to get the most engagement. You can do this by making a publishing plan that will work for you. Use the social media content calendar to keep track of all of your activity and make sure you are ready to post the content you want in the future. If this is a hassle task for you, you can hire a social media manager who will be responsible for planning, creating, and publishing content in your business account.

  • Themes

                         The contents of your account build the follower’s interest and curiosity about your business. You can achieve several goals by selecting relevant content topics. For example, your company wants to raise awareness about your upcoming event. You can use the testimony of previous customers or grab their interest by organizing giveaways.

  • Style 

                        Make your brand stand out from the crowd by delivering consistent value to your audiences. The personal brand’s identity that will reflect in the posts must be clear. These will enable your audiences to recognize you faster and easier. You can start this by setting guidelines for the types of hashtags and visual content you will post regularly.

 That’s it – the proven tips you can use in marketing your business on Instagram. These tips will not just increase your sales but will make your brand known. So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips to stand out in the crowd. If you’re ready to get started to put these tips into practice, you can consider talking about the benefits of working with Easy Media Team to market your Instagram.