6 Guides In Creating A Powerful Presence Online

There’s no doubt that brands must have a strong presence on social media to achieve success in raising awareness about their brand online. In fact, every company is willing to enter every big social media platform that is used by their target audiences. However, you need to look beyond the elements of social media to do so. In other words, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on making great social media posts. Just keep in mind that social media networks are real people who share real and raw content daily. 

     As a brand, your goal is to fit in with content that individuals will connect with. To build a better profile on social media, you must produce real content. Through these contents, your target audiences and consumers will be motivated to engage with your brand. Always consider what makes social media unique in the first place to make social media activity more fruitful and generate a return on investment. 

     Here are 6 Guides In Creating A Powerful Presence Online:

     #1. Create your goals

          As a business, you should be aware that time is gold. You should not just concentrate on achieving a higher return on your investment but also a strong return on your time investment while you are investing in social media. 

          You will know if you are properly managing your time by setting goals. Without one, you’re just wasting your time and effort. These goals must be specific and attainable to set the right social media targets and improve the chance of achieving them.

          Note that any content posted by any brand can be a trend online but these contents won’t help you create a strong presence without a clear intent behind it.

     #2. Identify your customer

          If you want to create a strong presence on social media platforms, you must not engage everyone. Create contents that are focused only on your followers and possible customers. Your content should be specific with your targets and their interest to build a connection with them. From this, their loyalty to your brand will grow.  

          To advertise your brand successfully on social media platforms, you must get into your audience’s shoes. 

Here are some ways on how you are going to do this:

  • Be aware of their posts 

                    On social media, people share a wide range of content that gives us insights into who they are and their interests. For instance, if someone shares videos and blogs about startups regularly, we can conclude that they have an interest in topics related to startups. The subject they are interested in is what matters as it enables you to create contents that will grab their attention.

  • Be aware of who they follow

                      It will be easy for you to know who your customers are following on their social media or the kind of social media pages they follow with the amount of data you have access to on social media platforms. You can generate catchy trends that will allow you to group your audience into relevant communities who are interested in your services and products. 

          Provided that you are making consistent efforts, your social media account will expand until you reach your target and engagements. However, this will only be possible if you learn to understand your target audiences.

     #3. Personify your brand

           Social media refers to individuals building friendships with the people, not just a faceless business. So, your brand must build a personality to connect with your target audiences easier. 

          Accountability is everything when it comes to online platforms. Given the fact that many scams are going around online, people would expect your brand to have a human social media presence before they connect with your brand.

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     #4. Brand Consistency

          Making your brand widely visible is one of the reasons why you want to use social media platforms. You want to hear the insights from your target audiences about your brand. That implies that incompatible images and logos must be avoided.  

          There could be a range of features and specific layouts on the various social media sites you work on but keep in mind that your branding must stay the same in all of the social media platforms to have a sense of consistency. Maintaining your brand’s consistency is easier if you are aware of your brand’s goal.

     #5. Create a schedule for posting

          Creating a real presence on social media is essential if you want your brand to be highlighted. Creating a schedule for posting your content is a proven way to make sure that you’re on the right track. It will allow you to manage your time in handling social media profiles in terms of content creation and publication. Aside from this, scheduling will give you enough time/space to do your work and create engaging content in advance.

     #6. Consistency in creating contents

          Consistency is as important as producing quality and relevant content in your social media accounts. Not only during the time you’re posting but also when engaging with your followers. Lack of consistency will not just harm your presence on social media but your brand as well. 

          If you think that consistency is demanding, you’re right. But then, you don’t have to worry because there are automation tools that can assist you. These tools provide help by preparing and scheduling your content posting, the use of these resources like HootSuite will save you a lot of time. 

          This just proves that proper timing isn’t everything. What matters the most is your brand’s consistency in posting valuable content and establishing a connection between your brand and your followers. 

     You might be a business that wants to grow but keep in mind that more than the money, it would be better if you can really help your customers with your product or service. 

If you need help in improving your social media presence, no matter which platform you’re using you can always connect with us.