6 Digital Marketing Ideas to Use during the Pandemic (COVID-19)

The current Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost all parts of businesses around the world. Small and large-sized companies alike are looking for effective and creative solutions to survive during these uncertain times.

But one of the best ways to remain active and engaged as a business nowadays is to test out and include different digital marketing ideas to your strategy.

Most of us are spending time at home, scrolling through our social media feeds and purchasing items on ecommerce stores. As a business owner, you should take it as a great opportunity to make your business grow. By tapping into various methods to increase your online visibility, you will definitely make a difference and stay afloat even in tough times.

Easy Media lists down eight creative digital marketing ideas that can help your business thrive even with the situation we have today:

1. Use pay-per-click advertisements

This is the best time to use PPC advertising for your business. If you had poor results from your pay-per-click ads before, try it again.

On the other hand, if you want to win the very competitive online race, you should take advantage of the drop in cost-per-click rates today.

Most of us are working from home, so people will definitely see these ads more often than before. Your brand will surely get more exposure while saving money on the side with PPC ads.

2. Optimize your website

Make sure that your target audience and those who are truly interested in your products or services can easily find you. Almost everyone is shopping online, so you should be there, too.

Look for search engine optimization strategies that can bring your business website on top of the Google search results. Also, do in-depth research and find out what you need to do to increase your online visibility.

This is the moment where you should get out of your comfort zone, see what’s happening around you, and join. Keep a watchful eye on the latest internet trends to find a suitable one for your business.

3. Run SEO campaigns

Optimization can push you on top and boost your organic web traffic by running campaigns. 

People may be surfing on the internet longer nowadays. However, they’re still choosing the top 5 websites or businesses when they search on Google. So, you really need to get to the top of the ladder to gain more profitable results.

Build an optimization strategy and make sure to put some effort to it. You have to post engaging campaigns consistently and make sure that they are optimized with relevant keywords and tags.

Yes, we know that you have to allocate your budget properly in times like these. However, it may be a critical mistake to stop your SEO campaigns. From lost leads to lower revenues, your business may suffer more instead of receiving gains.

Some of your competitors will surely stop their campaigns, too. So, take advantage of that weakness to win the competition.

4. Update your website

Updating your website is also a great digital marketing idea that you should do during the pandemic. We have a lot of time on our hands than before, so work on your digital to-do lists and make sure to finish them all.

Revamp your site. Freshen its look and make everything up-to-date. You should also optimize it, include clear-to-actions on certain areas, and do a CRO audit to ensure that all CTAs are on point with the latest trends.

5. Build your online reputation

People love convenience, especially when shopping online. So, you need to provide the most convenient shopping experience to your target consumers to make them remember your brand and come back to purchase more.

Interact and connect with them consistently, respond to comments and messages right away, address all concerns, and more. This will help your build a good online reputation and retain existing customers.

6. Help others

Helping others out is also an idea that can assist you in promoting your business online. Numerous businesses are finding ways to give back or make donations to people in need during the crisis, maybe you should try doing it as well – not just for your brand, but to also for the community.


Surviving this crisis is difficult, especially for business. But, it doesn’t mean that you should just give up and accept defeat. Use these digital marketing ideas as tools to bounce back and continue reaching goals.