5 Tips to Prevent Trouble in Social Media Marketing

 Trouble is everywhere. Once a controversy about your brand explodes, it will be disseminated quickly – like a virus that is about to destroy your brand’s credibility. However, dealing with it the right way will reduce its negative impact on your business. And that is when a social media management plan is necessary. To help you out, here are 5 tips you can use to prevent troubles that might hinder the success of your business. 

     #1. Confidence

          We tend to derive our self-esteem from the followers we have in our social media accounts. And this is the same mindset the small business owners have. They get very happy, excited, and motivated whenever they get a lot of reactions and shares from their content – to the extent that they exaggerate the use of call-to-action buttons. It might be useful and recommended to use these buttons, but exaggeration is a no-no. It will appear to the social media users that you don’t trust them to do these kinds of stuff voluntarily.

     One of the objectives of marketing online is to attract new potential buyers or customers. The number of followers and likers who react, comment, and share your content is your measurement of how successful your social media marketing is. However, if your contents will always appear to become ‘needy’, the fans you produce in the short run are most likely to get irritated. And that is when trouble might start.

     As an online business manager, you’ll have to find smarter ways to increase your engagement. Let your material encourage social media users to get involved with your business. Show them the reasons why it is worth engaging with your business profile. With this, you will produce better followers who really like what you are offering. After all, they are the ones who are most likely to become your potential customers.

     #2. Business Image

          Any moment, trouble with your social media business profile might arise. However, real-time awareness about your business profile by consistently checking your account can reduce the damage this trouble might give your business. Keep in mind that engagement with your followers plays a significant role in attracting new potential buyers or customers. Your followers expect you to be as engaging as possible. So if you are not engaging with them, you are refusing success.

          Another factor that affects the image of your business is the way you deal with negative feedback. Your media content and caption work together in creating an impression on social media users. You have to make sure that dealing with complaints and consistently updating your business profile is part of your social media marketing strategy. Here are some ways on how you can cope with negative reviews about the products or services you are offering. 

                – Show appreciation and openness to listen to the customer’s problems. 

                – View each negative feedback as an opportunity to innovate your strategy.

                – Fix false information the review might have in a way that you will not appear to be defensive.

                – Under the social media policy, you have the right to demand the exclusion of offensive ratings if the reviewer uses inappropriate language or makes ridiculous statements. 

                – Keep calm and focus on improving your business.

                – Rely on receiving a lot of positive ratings. The only way to beat poor feedback is to get more positive reviews. After all, we have a reputation to take care of.

          Keep in mind that no matter how good your brand is, people will always have something to say. If the negative feedbacks are just one or two, you don’t have to worry. But if you received several negative feedbacks from past customers, that is the time to be worried and start taking action. 

     #3. Consistency

          Social media users regularly keep track of the business profiles that captivated their attention to the extent that they learned how to predict new contents or deals that the brand will release. So if you’re making your business profile linger through the inconsistency to publish contents, they have nothing to expect with you. They will eventually unfollow your account and look for the ones that are consistently engaging with their social media followers. 

     #4. Hashtags 

          Making use of hashtags in marketing your social media business profile is necessary. They are an efficient weapon to make your content more discoverable by social media users. In short, the hashtags in your content is your label. 

          One of the effective ways of using a hashtag is by building a hashtag funnel. It begins wide and becomes more precise to draw people at different levels of consciousness. It will appear like this: 

               – Field of Business

               – Niche

               – Name

               – Circle or group 

               – Neighborhood

               – Occasion

     #5. Follow your strategy

          What is your vision for your brand or business? In 3 to 6 months, how do you see your business profile to be? Do you have plans on how you are going to attain your vision? 

          It might appear for some small entrepreneurs that marketing your social media business profile without any plan is successful. However, it will only appear to be like that for a short period. Eventually, your initial followers and viewers will grow uncertain about what your business actually offers. 

          Here are 5 elements that are widely used by entrepreneurs in creating their social media strategy:

               – Be aware of who you are targeting. 

               – Your goals must be aligned with SMART.

               – Clearly established expenditure.

               – Creativity in creating content.

               – Make use of the social media platform’s feature.

     Small companies face a greater social media problem because they don’t have the best tactics to get the return on investment they deserve on their social media activities. However, don’t let your business get humiliated. Protect your brand by preventing social media troubles. 

     Are your attempt to prevent trouble seem to be ineffective? Are you having trouble producing sales out of your social media engagement? Worry not, because Easy Media Team can help you out!