5 Tips in Using Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

Have you ever wondered what hashtags are? People search for hashtags on their favorite social media channels to find out more about the things they are interested in. It is keywords or phrases that are preceded by a pound sign and spelled without spaces. These are now common when visiting any social media channels. 

However, if you are not familiar with using hashtags, it won’t attract the attention of your potential customers. If that is the case, don’t worry because Easy Media Team got you! 

Here are 5 tips you can follow to ace your business with the help of hashtags.

     #1: Improve your reach

          Posting your business with hashtags included increases in the chance of broader reach and engagement. It becomes more discoverable by social media users who search for the hashtags that show their interests or desires. Another benefit of using hashtags is that they are clickable. Therefore, with a specific hashtag included in your social media posts, users are taken to a particular newsfeed. And this grants you the ability to reach your target audiences. 

     #2: Engage with the users

          Another benefit of using a hashtag is that it enables you to have communication with social media users. You can join in the online discussions by searching for the most popular hashtags the users use. It will allow you to raise awareness about your brand as the users see that you are engaging with them. But always remember that the trending hashtags you will use should provide valuable content. 

     #3: Improve your product and services

          Media hashtag gives you access to the newsfeed of social media users. It enables you to read their opinions about your brand and competitors. You can take advantage of these opinions by improving your products or services based on the insight of your target customers. Addressing the weakness of your competitors is one of the proven techniques to stand out in the business industry. 

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     #4: Create an exclusive hashtag

          Customizing your business hashtag is not limited to giving you the benefit of monitoring the visibility of your business on social media platforms. It also enables you to keep an eye on user-generated content. Keeping track of these contents is one factor to consider in creating content because it can be useful in indicating the approach you can use in capturing the attention of your target audiences. 

          It is easy to create a hashtag. However, it will never be easy to create a catchy and unique one. 

Here are four proven steps in creating one:

               – Clarify the words by always capitalizing the first letter.

               – Be witty but avoid complicated terms. 

               – Use specific words.

               – Keep It Short and Simple

     #5: Organize events 

          Whether the event is purely online or an actual event, these event hashtags are great for facilitating engagement. Therefore, when you are organizing events, you also have to plan the event hashtags that will be used by the participants when posting about the event you will have. 

          You can profit from event hashtags by creating questions and surveys. These questions and surveys will not just promote engagement because it will also provide a lot of valuable information that can help market your business. Keep in mind that visually appealing hashtags can help increase the excitement of your followers or customers for the upcoming event of your business. Furthermore, don’t forget to add visual action calls to get the most out of your event!

     Now that you have learned the five tips in using hashtags for social media marketing, you must understand the kind of hashtags that you are going to use. 

There are 3 types of social media hashtags you can choose from: 

     #1: Exclusive Hashtags

           Sometimes, it is not advisable to use trending hashtags in marketing your business online because it is harder to stand out from other user’s content. Keep in mind that in social media marketing, you have to grab the attention of social media users. And you can successfully do this by having your brand’s exclusive hashtag in promoting events, contests, or other marketing campaigns. To make your brand stand out, you have to generate a unique and catchy hashtag. For your marketing campaign hashtags, you can always consider creating a short motto or tagline out of your goal or experiences in building your business.

          To successfully make your brand’s exclusive hashtag trending, you can organize events that will surely grab the curiosity or interests of your target audiences. You can do giveaways or discounts wherein they must use your brand’s hashtag in posting or commenting to enter the giveaway or avail of the discount. These will not just give you a higher opportunity of producing customers out of your followers but will also allow you to reach your target audiences. 

     #2: Popular Hashtags

          The popular hashtag refers to the hashtags that are used by thousands or even millions of users. It looks tempting to use because it also means that a larger number of people will see your post. Right? But then, we have to stick to the idea of providing our target audiences with valuable information. Failure to do so will result in unworthy content. 

          In choosing the trending hashtags, you have to identify if your content is significant in the ongoing discussion. Meaningful content can be a one of kind information, unique perspectives, or interesting images that could be memes. If any of these mentioned ideas satisfy the content you have, it is just right to post it and wait until it spreads by word of mouth. Be reminded that a trending hashtag is made possible by thousands or millions of social media users. So, engaging in hashtag parties like this with valuable content will raise awareness about your business.

     #3: Relevant Hashtags

          Relevant hashtags are great for beginners. Unlike popular hashtags, this type of hashtag doesn’t require the user to research and look for the significance of the ongoing discussion. You have to look for business-related keywords or phrases that are relevant to your area of expertise. The catch here is that you have to make sure that your content is worthy enough to captivate the viewers into following your page because they want more.

     Now, you have all the information needed for successful social media marketing with the use of hashtags. 

If you need further assistance in generating your hashtag, don’t hesitate to talk with us. 

Let us work on the new trending hashtags together!