5 Proven Strategies in Promoting YouTube Videos and Drive Mind-blowing Traffic

YouTube is an immensely wide video platform and the most popular video streaming service in the world. Every minute, 300 hours of video content is uploaded to it every day. Despite this, most YouTube videos still only have a handful of views due to the tough competition. But when you ask the right questions, you will be able to achieve the amount of traffic that only huge brands or celebrities can get. 

This article will teach you about five better ways of promoting YouTube videos to accumulate unbelievable traffic to your channel.

  • Is your YouTube channel search engine optimized?

Like in Google, YouTube has its own search algorithm, though it’s not as complex as regular SEO or search engine optimization. You can use this so that YouTube would promote your content without added costs.

Basically, this is an algorithm that ranks videos on YouTube. It automatically determines the type of content shown to specific people whenever they sign in to their account or do a YouTube search. By using simple strategies, you can rank high on YouTube. By simply being aware of how SEO matters on YouTube will already give you an advantage. With SEO, you can make your videos reach your target audience.

Before promoting videos, you must first be aware of the various ranking on YouTube. However, YouTube doesn’t merely tell you what these are. Search engine specialists run tests to methodically find out what helps videos appear on top of searches.

According to Search Engine watch, here are the most crucial factors in YouTube video rankings:

  • Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Video Length
  • Retaining the audience
  • Comments
  • Amount of increase in subscribers after watching
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Description tag

Here are some strategies to SEO your YouTube channel:

  • Do YouTube keyword research 

– Use recommendation functions by typing a keyword into the YouTube search box. The suggestions that appear in the dropdown are based on frequent searches so take note of them. You can also check if these keywords also appear in Google searches with the word “video” Google. If so, then these are the best keywords to use.

  • Writing your descriptions

– The recommended length for a YouTube description is around 150 words. These consist of short paragraphs that can get people interested in your video. It should also inform them clearly on what the video is all about but doesn’t give it entirely away. Invite viewers to another related video content you have on your channel. Attach the link to the video, and share the links to your social media profiles as well. Hashtags are also recommended, but not too much.

  • Create your script

– Use keywords naturally and make it sound as authentic as you can. 

  • Making a title

– Your title should be no more than 10 words or 60 characters and should be interesting. 

  • Tags

– Use your primary and LSI keywords, and don’t use misleading titles. All your tags should be relevant.

  • Let people take action

– Likes, Comments, Shares, and Subscribers matter.

  • Don’t make your video too lengthy

– YouTube wants to know if viewers watch your videos to the end, so don’t make it long enough for them to lose interest.

  • Clickable Video Annotations

– Add a linked annotation. If someone clicks it, it indicates to YouTube that the viewer saw everything they need to see despite not going through to the end.

  • Custom thumbnails

– Use a thumbnail that stands out to make your videos recognizable.

  • View your channel as a whole

– Build content around related keywords

  • Use Facebook for Advertising your YouTube content.

With now over 2 billion active users, you can use Facebook when promoting your videos to create unbelievable traffic to your channel. With this, visual design is vital in the video.

  • Hook people with the first 3 seconds.

– Those first 3 seconds determine whether a potential viewer stops scrolling or not. You have to engage them because the first 3 seconds deliver 47% of the Facebook video ad’s value.

  • Calculate your cost per acquisition.

– Determine the CPC or cost per click on Facebook. It would be a significant expense if you had to pay every visitor.

  • Have a specific target audience.

– It’s better to have a selected target audience who is more likely to watch your content than to target it with more people, but at random. Being broad will just increase the misclicks you have to pay for.

  • Be clear about your objective.

– Clearly mark the objective of your video campaign when Facebook asks you to get better results.

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  • Build your YouTube brand.

Plan a clear branding strategy to get the best results. 

  • Create a definite video intro that identifies and showcases your brand. Make your viewers trust your brand, and give them a reason to keep watching and supporting your content. 
  • Develop your color scheme and use it consistently throughout all your content.
  • Use a distinct and a single font in your videos, one that people can associate with your brand. The sizes and font colors are also vital for consistency.
  • Your outro must be impressive and showcase other videos on a playlist.


  • Have an integrated blog.

May your brand be for business or personal; a YouTube channel works better with a blog. Presently, content management platforms have made it so easy in embedding videos. Blogs also allow you to be more detailed than you can in a video. You can use headlines to summarize all the content you’re covering, and you can also write more precise details to be able to expound when writing about your brand. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t create duplicate content because it may impact the SEO of either your YouTube channel or website.

Use your YouTube channel to lead people to your blog, and vice versa. Social media can be utilized to guide people to both. With these, you can build up traffic as well as engage more potential consumers.

  • Work with influencers.

Influencers are the ones who people admire and trust. They are the ones that your target audience follows and subscribes to. You can work with them to recommend your brand, as well as help you connect and reach your target audience. You can work with a person who appears to your target audience, for instance, a local celebrity, or athlete, or charity spokesperson. This way, more people will take an interest in your brand and content because someone who they admire recommended it. 

Note that you should choose to work with an influencer who can also represent your brand. This way, people would see it as credible. You can reach them through social media or in an old-fashioned way. Offer your value, perhaps by giving them a reason why they should care about your brand or help your brand reach an audience they care about. 

These strategies are the proven ways behind the traffic the big brands get, and what’s interesting is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. You should just focus on the right aspects of promotion and use social media to your utmost advantage. These are the best ways to grow your brand and reach success.

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