5 Proven Advertising Tactics on Facebook for Your Online Business

It’s common knowledge that Facebook is one of the key tools for staying relevant in the expanding online market and having a successful business. Facebook is a platform that has a lot of uses for advertising. But, merely posting content to your brand’s page is not enough to maximize the results you get. You have to go beyond publishing remarkable content if you want to get high returns on investments from your efforts in marketing.

What you need to achieve real success using these advertising tips is not to be dependent solely on organic reach in the Facebook social network news feed. This is because organic reach has actually been starting to decline for some time now; thus, there will be less engagement for brands. 

Facebook has been continually growing and becoming more massive than ever. What you can do to rise above your competitors is to use targeted ads that will put you in front of your audience. Using the right Facebook advertising tips, you will do way better than other competitors who are focused solely on the “free” social media tactics and old ways.

Are Facebook ads worth it?

YES, they are! If you do more readings, you’ll find out that every major social network, such as Instagram and Twitter, has its native advertising system. But still, none of them has topped Facebook when it comes to delivering results for businesses. This is because Facebook has the most potent features advertisers can use to get the best results from what they invest. It also provides detailed insights into what works best and what doesn’t, so marketers can pinpoint what they have to improve or change in their campaign. Additionally, it has the most advanced tools for targeting all kinds of users, and finally, Facebook has the biggest audience, being the most widely used social media platform.

This just proves that Facebook’s advertising system is what your business needs. There’s no wonder why most entrepreneurs seek Facebook advertising tips all around. Yet, this doesn’t mean you have to be intimidated. Facebook ads may seem complicated, but the reason for this is that it has so much to offer to advertisers. Its design is to give you the best results and exposure. 

Continue reading to know about Easy Media Team’s 5 simple Facebook advertising tactics that you can use for your business.

  • Focus on the right audience.

A common mistake that most rookie Facebook advertisers make is trying to reach almost all audiences on this social media channel. While, yes, having a larger audience is good, the approach must still be strategic. Every ad made has a purpose and must align with the core values of your target audience. Simply trying to reach anyone will lose the ad’s purpose.

With this in mind, instead of increasing your target audience to a vast number of people, focus on reaching the appropriate audience. This is one of the essential tips you have to note if you strive for a good return from your ad investment.

Naturally, you have to focus on the people who are more likely to buy your service or product because they are already interested in it. You might feel it’s wrong to reach only a small number of people, but you’ll eventually realize that this will make you grow and get more conversions in the long run.

  • Construct your landing page well.

Each person who clicks through your ad is expecting to see a fair offer with value. There are only a few seconds for you to impress them and show them you’re offering the right deal. With a well-made landing page, you’ll be able to convert your page visitors into customers in a shorter time. 

When your landing page is just right, you get a higher and better chance of increasing your ROI. It can be having people download a free eBook, getting them to register from your webinar, or merely making them buy your new software tool. This all depends on where they land and what they see first on your page.

The critical essentials in creating a Facebook Ads Landing page are: knowing your goal, having captivating visuals, and not putting distractions or irrelevant content.

  • Use the right images.

When running ads on Facebook, use the excellent copy as well as an image that makes you stand out from the rest. Using unnecessary or the wrong images can turn off the potential audience, or worse, your ads can be ignored. To have a successful ad campaign, it’s necessary to have all the elements in place. The image you’re using for your ad is vital. All the techniques you use in your ad copy will not have any effect if you have a terrible photo.

It’s better to use text creatively and not with too much quantity. Avoid using a random stock image that has no relevance with your ad. Consistency is key. The photo has to align with the overall message you’re projecting on your target viewers. And lastly, don’t be afraid to continue testing more possibilities and variations. These are some tips that you can use to ensure that your image makes a difference to your ad campaign.

At Easy Media Team, we have experienced social media managers that can help you with launching your Facebook ads. 

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  • Include Video Ads. 

Leveraging video ads is vital because Facebook gives colossal importance to it and will continue to do so. Facebook is giving priority to video content because its users are watching more videos than ever. Videos are watched as much as 100 million hours per day!

Additionally, videos give you a better reach while also being budget-friendly. When making video ads, you have to consider the target audience and find the most appealing. Primarily, it has to grab their attention in the first 3 seconds to achieve impact. Your videos should still be interesting even without sound because most users watch videos on silent mode. Lastly, don’t be afraid to test different variations to determine which video ad entices your target audience the most.

  • Create the right sales funnel.

Facebook marketing isn’t only for elite brands but works with small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with the help of paid ads, organic content, and our advertising tips. Facebook selling is more efficient when you have a sales funnel that helps you move towards your purpose. 

A Facebook sales funnel used to warm up your target audience and filter them before pitching your product or service. This technique works because using cohesive messages for all users will make it easier for you to convince them to consume what you offer. Sales funnel educates users to take action by making demand overtime. It reveals how your product or service can address them. It helps you take a different path. You have to build a distinction about your brand and tell your audience why they need to invest in your brand. This advertising tactic is probably one of those that will stand the test of time.

May you use these five top Facebook advertising tactics to your utmost advantage and use this knowledge to grow your business. 

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