5 Innovative Multimedia Techniques to Gain More Twitter Followers

In today’s times, social media is the core center of modern marketing and engagement. Marketers are now finding different ways and expanding their knowledge about social network analysis for the creation of more effective approaches to target consumers. Because, of course, you simply won’t last long in Twitter marketing by just using obsolete marketing models.

First, why use Twitter? 

Twitter is one of the vast and continually-changing communication channels. This social network is composed of leads with immense sales potential. Still, you have to keep up with all the marketing trends and stay up-to-date to reach maximum potential. A lot of brands find Twitter to be the most important channel when it comes to social media marketing. Studies reveal that it is influential, and here are a few statistics for proof:

  • According to Hootsuite, 90% of Twitter users follow small to medium-sized businesses plan to purchase from that company.
  • About 80% of people on Twitter use their mobile devices to access it.
  • Statista says Twitter has a sum of about 330 million active users per month.
  • Twitter users tweet 5.5 million times a day, which means 8,150 tweets are posted every second.

Twitter allows you to type 280 characters in a single tweet to share exciting news or express your ideas. Still, simply using this type of brief communication is not enough. You have to use more creative ways to reach the network’s maximum potential. But don’t be intimidated. There are ways to utilize multimedia content at its best. 

Easy Media Team is thrilled to share with you the top 5 multimedia tactics in gaining more Twitter followers.

  1. Include image content.

Louise’s Visual Social Media research reports that tweets with images get more retweets than those without by 150% higher. This shows that it’s better when your Twitter content is image-rich to make them more attractive to an average customer.

Have you heard of the saying, “a photo speaks a thousand words?” Well, this is not the only case on Twitter because photos also allow you to introduce followers to real-time incentives. For example, you can post images to launch a contest with awards for your most creative followers or announce your recent discount promotion. You can certainly use images or pub mats for announcements instead of simple tweeting words. Promoted posts with photos get more interaction than those without.

Furthermore, photos can lead to a significant amount of traffic to your landing page; therefore, it increases your leads and subscribers. It’s better to use short but catchy text with images than long ones that effortlessly bore your audience. You also need the right hashtags for your image posts.

Additionally, designing infographics can also be a big help in gaining more followers on Twitter. In only two years, searches for infographics have increased by 800%. This suggests that infographics also has immense potential on the Twitter platform. Multimedia content like this is not difficult to make but has all the essential data the consumers need to know. As long as you stay relevant and keep on being relative, you’ll see yourself gaining more Twitter followers.

  1. Videos are a necessity.

The Twitter community isn’t very fond of reading too much, which is why there’s a 280-character limit. They like focusing on the critical points in a particular topic, so using videos as your content will please them more, and you’ll get more engagement and followers. Video content is actually 6 times more likely to get retweets from users than the usual text-only type of tweets. Here are three simple reasons to make videos for Twitter:

  • Entertainment

– Twitter users would quickly get bored if you only post promotional content all the time. In fact, some even demand entertainment, and you can use short video clips to give it to them.

  • Product tutorials

– Hubspot reveals that consumers who prefer watching a video about a product are four times more than those who like reading about it. Simple tutorials and brief informative clips are the easiest way to promote your business or expound service or product specifications.

  • Storytelling

– Be creative and tell a story. Captivate your audience. Appealing to their emotion is a conventional tactic to be closer to them. Get your followers to be acquainted with your brand’s values and representations.

There are several video forms you can make for your audience. It can be a vlog, a video podcast, or even a live post to show some behind the scenes action in your company. It can be for information or entertainment purposes. This kind of content helps you gain more followers and keep your existing followers fonder of your brand.

  1. Include a Twitter share option in your blog.

Yes, video, image, and audio content has been flooding online in recent years. But there are still numerous people who prefer reading an interesting blog post. You can also combine text with other types of content, bringing you new followers.

According to Impact study, blog articles with photos can increase your views by 94%. Use this to your advantage and write cohesive posts with the addition of infographics, images, or short clips to keep it entertaining. Including a Twitter button to your posts allows the readers to be aware of your brand.

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  1. Create audio podcasts.

A few years ago, audio shows and content probably died down. Still, with the constant advancement of technology and the internet, that is not the case. Convince and Convert reveals that more than 40% of people in the US alone listen to different podcasts nowadays. You might even say it’s starting to trend again.

This type of content is a wonderful option for office workers, especially to commuters who can listen to audio podcasts in the background. Now, you can even publish podcasts on Twitter. The only thing necessary is a solid piece of equipment along with an excellent niche-related topic to make this kind of fantastic content.

  1. Prioritize the quality of your content.

Never forget quality over quantity. This is the final but vital tip in gaining more Twitter followers and engagement. Focus on your content; thus, you have to double-check and make sure your copy is perfect. Besides, people are easily turned off by accounts that publish way too many tweets in a short period. Just keep your content in the right amount and enjoyable.

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Twitter is one of the most widely used and most productive social media networks, especially in marketing. The majority of companies utilize it in growing their followers and generating leads for their brands. But of course, merely doing 280-character tweets is not enough. Hopefully, these top 5 ways of using multimedia content will help you in engaging more followers. Use these suggestions to improve your overall sales and boost your social media marketing campaign.

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