3 Tips in Creating Instagram Marketing Strategies

 Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks on the World Wide Web. In fact, according to research, social media platforms have a total of 1 Billion active monthly users, which keeps on increasing. And if you don’t have a business account, this is the sign to make one. With the right Instagram marketing strategy, it will not be hard to reach your target audience and engage with them regularly. 

Here are the 3 Instagram marketing strategies that you can use to ace the business world!

     #1. Identify your purpose

          To get the most out of Instagram, you need to set your goal first. Your brand needs to be very clear about its Instagram marketing strategy. This strategy applies not only to new businesses on Instagram, but it is also applied to brands that have been using the platform for a long time. So before jumping into using Instagram to grow your business, ask yourself how Instagram will make a difference in your overall marketing plan compared to other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

          The main reason businesses choose to use Instagram is the benefit of visual content to connect their potential customers in one way or another. You have to align your brand with visual content that attracts your audience by posting user-generated content or product photos on their Instagram feed. Let us take Spell & Gypsy as an example. It is a modern e-commerce clothing store that has gained popularity through a well-defined Instagram profile where they show off plenty of feminine dresses that strike the right chord with their followers. This ultimately leads to sales. 

     Your brand can create a connection with your followers when focused on creating Instagram content that looks more natural and spontaneous. Because of this, it makes sense to set several goals with your main objective. Your Instagram marketing strategy can have various goals like: 

  •            To increase brand awareness          
  •            To look behind your company          
  •            To present different products          
  •           To exchange company news 
  •            To earn more sales

     #2. Produce content strategies

          A solid foundation to build your Instagram marketing strategy is needed. Without one, your efforts will be a waste of time. Creating a content strategy that is relevant to your Instagram marketing success is necessary. 

          People who browse Instagram always find relevant and engaging content at the same time. An effective content strategy allows you to chart your path through the Instagram Marketing Jungle and give you the clarity to create visual content that your target audience will appreciate. If you browse Instagram and private accounts run by big and small brands, you will find that not all content posted on the site is created equal. Different types of content posted online target different audiences. These types are:

  • Product Based Content 

                    If you’re into a result-oriented Instagram marketing strategy, this type of content is the one for you. Contents under this type merely focus on the current product or service you offer. This is a simple content marketing method to impress your audience. It’s about using attractive images of the product or service you have to tell where you dwell and what sets your product or service apart from everything else. This type of content can result in sales, but it’s a great way to increase brand awareness. It’s the kind of approach that ultimately helps you improve your sales volume in the long run.

  • Culture-Based Content

               If you are a service or software company that does not sell physical products, your brand may still have something else to offer your Instagram followers. Why not show your audience how great your business culture is using Instagram visuals or even videos? It could be a behind-the-scenes shooting on how you work or collaborate. As long as it reflects the culture of your brand, you can share it. Keep in mind that creating cultural content is not just about providing any other pictures. It is about meticulously providing visuals that show your audience who you really are and what you can offer to them. This type of content is a very effective way to strengthen your brand distinction.

  • Generated by User Content

               If you already have an audience that appreciates your brand, product, or service this is the right one for you. It’s always a good idea to publish content created by your users because people on Instagram love to participate and want to be a part of something. Well, if you’re a big brand like Mcdonalds, Netflix, or Spotify, this is a simple idea. But as a small business, it’s not easy to break. So before you use this type of content, we advise you to spend your time on the platform and focus on building loyal followers. With a little time, it will be possible for you to use this one. 

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     #3. Build Your Best Media

          It’s expected that Instagram is a channel that pays off for creating and publishing quality content. You’ll get more engagement, win more followers, and eventually get more business. If you are strategically creating content, you will find that the response you get on Instagram will be higher. That’s why the focus is on creating compelling content that your target audience will like and share with others. 

Here are some tips to help you get through this:

  • Create valuable content

                    Instagram has a variety of filters to keep your media out of the crowd, but that is not enough. When we say quality, we are also talking about the quality of the images and the quality of the message it conveys. So even if you’re shooting content with your iPhone, make sure you maximize the quality and give your followers more of what they’re looking for. Over delivery is the key to attract the attention of your target audience. As long as you keep your images in focus and take them to a well-lit environment, you will do better than others. As for the reference and the message of the photo, seeing who you are addressing is very relevant. Remember quality comes in handy, so spend some time creating your media.

  • Edit your photo

                    Taking pictures is just one of the many parts of the equation. The other important step is editing them to give your followers the professional look they expect from a brand. It does not mean that you have to go overboard with editing and tarnish your image. Be subtle in your approach. Make sure you focus only on the essential elements. Avoid fancy filters and stick with a filter that works well for you. This is a great way to keep all your images relevant to your account. 

  • Leverage captions

                    At some point, you will start promoting posts about your product on Instagram. And when promoting your product with standard images, be sure to include a call-to-action button to your Instagram caption. Because Instagram does not allow clickable links in your content, you can only add “link in bio” or “send us a direct message for details” text to your caption. It’s a good idea to send your followers/visitors to a landing page or sales/landing page where they can know more about your product/service or even make a purchase. Make sure that you have a fair balance between your advertising and non-advertising posts.

  • Use the right hashtags

                    It’s not enough to post quality content on Instagram. We need new people to discover them. This is where a healthy Instagram hashtag strategy will benefit your brand. Avoid using popular hashtags, as the content may get lost among other similar content. However, product and service-related hashtags and even brand hashtags can help increase engagement.

                    If you don’t know the hashtags you will use for your post, you can try free online tools. Just enter keywords related to your post, and it will provide suggestions for your use. Alternatively, you can use Instagram’s search function. Just enter relevant hashtags, and you’ll see recent and trendy posts with this hashtag. Lastly, keep in mind to avoid putting too many hashtags in your posts.

     There you have it – 3 tips in creating Instagram marketing strategies to ace the Business world. Whether you are new or an experienced business, you need to take educated risks to get the most out of your Instagram marketing. You can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies through analytic tools like Instagram insights. 

But then, we are aware of the challenges your business might face when working on Instagram. 

Always consider getting in touch with us to discuss the Instagram marketing strategy that will work for your business.