15 Social Media Post Ideas to Grow Your Brand

Coming up with new social media post ideas is one of the toughest parts of running any type of marketing campaign.

As a business owner, you have to manage multiple social media accounts and keep their content up-to-date to engage your audience consistently. Yes, it’s difficult. Your followers always want fresh content, and they are expecting you to provide it on a regular basis.

Recycling social media posts again and again is a good option. You can save a lot of time in it. However, doing this will make your social feed’s aesthetics less appealing.

That is why you should multiple ideas when producing content. Easy Media has broken down 15 content ideas suitable for all business sizes. Check them out below.

1. Quick Tips

Instead of publishing an entire “How-to” post on your timeline, try posting quick tips sometimes. Sharing bits of advice is an easy way to provide valuable updates with your target audience.

2. Company’s blogs

If you have a blog, you should share it on your social media pages. Your blog is a very relevant to your business, so bring it out and provide it with more exposure. 

3. Product videos

Visual content can easily capture the attention of your audience. It is proven to help improve audience engagement and organic reach, especially if you post videos. So, you should take advantage of these benefits and start sharing short clips of your company and the products your offer.

4. Content that represents company culture

Showcase your business by posting content that represents your culture. A culture post is an article or image that highlights what your brand is all about. It could be a photo of your employee that is doing something quirky or the behind-the-scenes image of the new product you want to launch.

5. Industry news

News articles get more social shares than other types of articles we post on social media. So, if you’re running out of ideas on what to content to create, try sharing industry news.

This will become easier if you create a list of sources around your industry. These sources could be websites or trade publications. Once you’ve gathered enough references, look for them on Twitter and follow them.

This way, you will be able to post the latest news about your industry without wasting a lot of time and effort.  

6. Testimonials or reviews

Let the voice of your dedicated fans and followers be heard across social media by posting their testimonials or reviews. You can retweet them or create graphics for each review. Just make sure to tag and include their names on your post. 

7. Holiday posts

Holidays are a big deal no matter where you live. Share holiday-related content on your social media pages to show your love for the holidays.

Whether it’s an article, a video, or an image, your audience will appreciate that your brand has people that are also excited for the upcoming holidays.

8. Contest and giveaways

Boost engagement and entice your audience to become followers by running contests and giveaways. Just make sure to be clear about your objectives, and tell exactly how you want users to participate to achieve great results. Make the contests easy and only give simple rules so that a lot of people will participate.

9. Memes

You can use GIFs or memes to add a fun spin to your post. Your target audience will definitely stop scrolling just to like your irresistible posts.

These types of visual content are a great way to stay trendy, have fun, and showcase your brand’s personality. They are extremely popular on social media – even on businesses. So, you should start using them, too. 

10. Curated content

Curating content is simply sharing the social media posts of others. Since some topics that you want to share with your audience have already been written by other brands in your niche, it will be easier for you to repost them on your timeline than craft in-depth content about them.

11. Question posts

Not everything you post on your social media pages has to be an article or a blog post. You can also initiate conversations and engage your audience more if create question posts on your timeline.

For instance, you could ask “What part of traveling do you miss the most?”

It is the best way to identify what your followers really want to read. You can also post polls to create engagement.  

12. User-generated content

Fill your feed with community-made or user-generated content. It is a surefire way convert your existing audience into customers, attract new followers, and boost sales.

13. Posts with data or statistics

Numbers can speak volumes sometimes. So, instead of putting a long-from content on your timeline, try posting important data or statistics that can interest your audience.

These valuable numbers can spark discussions, and make people pay attention and think. They are bite-sized solution for an impactful social media post idea for your brand.

14. Cartoons

Almost all people love cartoons, especially if they provide useful information. Sharing visuals with cartoons is an efficient way to get your brand message across all major platforms. Make them informative and make sure that the message is conveyed clearly.

15. Exclusive offers

Give your followers something exclusive. Give them something that they can only use with you to secure another purchase. But, be careful on sending them offers – you wouldn’t want to be spammy and irritate them.

Which Social Media Post Ideas Did You Like?

We know that you’re tired of posting the same old content. So, why not give these ideas a shot to freshen up your feed and make your content up-to-date? Other than the recommendations we’ve provided above, there are more content options available out there.

Don’t adhere to a single type of content. Your feed should never feel like business as usual.