15 Instagram Life Hacks for Your Online Business

In these modern times, all sorts of online businesses have popped up, and the digital marketplace has widened more than ever. Instagram is perhaps, one of the greatest assets needed in reaching your social audience to boost sales. But, a lot of small to medium-sized businesses are still hesitant in using this visual social platform, because they don’t know the way around it.

Luckily, Easy Media Team will share with you ways to use this platform to its full advantage. 

Here are some Instagram life hacks that will help you use this vital marketing tool for your online business:

  1. Visuals and Image-quality are essential.

One of the keys to gaining an audience in social media is to have captivating and interesting high-quality photos. High-quality images appeal to the audience because they like what they see, so they would want to check it out. You don’t have to be a photographer, to take good photos for your brand. You just have to take note of the things that are vital to capture better images.

Here are what’s most needed to take high-quality images for your brand:

  • Lighting is everything. The best time to take photos is early in the morning or right before dusk to have natural lighting and vibrant colors.
  • Take multiple images, and try out different angles. The more photos you take, the more choices you have in finding the best one for your brand.
  • Find the perfect background, angle, and composition. This makes the image clean and balanced.
  • Be creative. Think about the composition of the image. Position your objects where you think they look best and appeal to the audience.
  • Make your images as authentic as they can be. Do NOT edit your pictures too much. Over-editing might make your photos look fake and offbeat.

Keep in mind that the photos you take shouldn’t only be high-quality, but must also evoke emotion. Choose the right tone that your brand wants to portray.

  1. Post relevant content.

This is one of the basics yet, it is actually one of the hardest to do for most businesses. For your online business to grow, you must know your target audience. What catches their attention? What do they love? This will be your guide to creating quality content that is perfect for your brand.

  1. Image-sizes should be just right.

Pay attention to sizing when posting your Instagram content. This way, you’ll be aware of how you should capture your photos.

Instagram allows three various image orientations and sizes: square, portrait (vertical), and landscape (horizontal).

The image formats can only be either JPG or PNG, with the image file having a 30MB maximum size. Video formats are MP4 and MOV and a maximum size of 4GB. The video length maximum is 60 seconds with 30fps max frames.

  1. Promote but also inspire.

Strike a healthy balance between promotional content and content that inspires your audience. Don’t just always talk about how great your brand is. Don’t make everything about your brand only. Take the time to evoke emotions through your social media posts. Encourage them to start a conversation, and make them feel something. This will get them close to you, and listen to you more.

  1. Encourage the audience with your call to action (CTA) posts.

Interact with your followers through well-written CTA’s. This will get them close to you, and listen to you more.

Here are some ways to motivate your audience to engage:

  • Tagging someone. Ask them to tag a friend or someone they know who might like your product. In this way, your company’s reach widens, as more people find out about your brand.
  • Ask questions. The questions you ask should be relevant to your audience.
  • Encourage them to tell you something. Inspire them to share something specific.
  1. Tell a story.

Instagram is an effective tool in brand storytelling. Captivate your audience through inspiring and moving stories through your visual content. Unleash your creativity when showcasing your products. Show the audience the best of what you offer.

  1. Post the right hashtags.

Using hashtags is one of the most effective ways to gain more visibility. Instagram users use hashtags to find the specific content they want to see. But, you must not overdo it and only use the ones relevant to your content. Also, be sure to use hashtags that have an audience, because you won’t reach a larger audience if only a few are looking.

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  1. Consistency is key.

Be sure to post regularly. Stay relevant. If you don’t post for a long time, your audience will try to find content like yours, in other words, your competitors. At the same time, be active when your audience is active. This is when they will most likely engage more. And although consistency is needed, keep in mind to put quality over quantity. Don’t just post a lot. Make sure to provide quality content as well.

  1. Promote what you stand for through your brand.

The best way to establish your brand personality and tone is by using your voice on social media. It is important to keep your brand voice in all your content. This way, your followers will know what you stand for.

  1. Tag the people you work with.

May it be your business partners, featured location, influencers, or people who have helped you in creating your content. Make sure to recognize and acknowledge them. Through this, you’re not only giving them credit but also expanding your audience.

  1. Make use of IG story features to catch your viewers’ attention.

Utilize the filters, and layouts when posting Instagram stories. This feature can be used to show your brand and product in a new light. For instance, in your Instagram stories, you can show some behind the scenes footage of your brand. You can also post stickers, polls, text, and GIFs that can make your audience interact and engage with your brand more.

  1. Motivate your followers to post user-generated content.

User-generated content gives you the advantage to engage more people with your brand. With this, you can show how others are loving your products and services. 

The first step in achieving this is simply to ask your customers to post their selfies or photos with your product. Then, share this with your audience. This also demonstrates how you also treasure your customers.

  1. Socialize through the comments.

After all, it’s social media. What’s stopping you from being social? You know, one of the ways for your audience to engage, is if you also engage in them. This is simply just taking the time to be active in the comments and responding to your audience. Interact with them and help them to understand more about your brand.

  1. Track post performance and measure engagement with the use of analytics.

Keep track of your activity and analytics to pinpoint where you need to improve. Identify what works and what you have to work on to improve your social media presence. Utilize the insight you get from the metrics in making changes with your marketing strategy.

  1. Keep up with the latest trends.

Lastly, and most importantly, stay up-to-date! Instagram always provides new features and make sure to use these to spice things up. Always keep an eye to change in policies that might affect your online business. 

Staying updated helps you in staying relevant in the digital marketplace. Make use of these trends that you know will be effective for you, whether in gaining a larger audience or in encouraging them to engage with you. 

To sum it up, Instagram is so much more than just posting photos and videos. Be sure to use these Instagram life hacks effectively to make your way in providing better visual content and connect more with your audience. Consistency comes with strategy. With both of these in hand, you’ll not only have followers but also gain your loyal product consumers.

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