13 Online Marketing Statistics That Will Change Your Perspective About Social Media

Nowadays, social media marketing is essential, if not a must, in achieving success for any business. 

Easy Media Team jotted down 13 life-changing social media marketing statistics that will show you a whole new perspective in viewing social media.

  1. 71% of people who had a positive experience with a brand they found out about on social media are likely to share and recommend the brand to their family and friends. You should regularly check your brand’s page daily and interact with your audience through the comments, mentions, and messages, even with just a “like.” Social media gives you the opportunity to show your excellent customer service. People will get turned off if you ignore them. Prove that your brand really pays attention to its followers. Connecting with your audience will be fruitful for the long term as you build a positive relationship with your customers.
  1. Only 2% of website visitors actually make a purchase during their first visit, based on social media marketing statistics. That is why you should retarget ads, especially on Facebook, for that 98% to be eventually turned into customers as well. Retarget by using a pixel to track your website visitors, then use the data to make an audience of people who already visited your website but haven’t made a purchase. You’ll come to see those retargeting ads has a higher conversion rate than ads with a cold audience since the ads are shown to people who are familiar with your site.
  1. Facebook videos are watched with sound on by only 15% of people overall. This means that when you post video content on Facebook, include subtitles or make sure that the video is easy to understand even without the sounds on. If not, then a high number of your views would be just a waste! Try to observe when scrolling through your feed. You’ll find out that most videos that become viral are videos capable of getting their point across even without the use of sound.
  1. Image content attracts more audience. Facebook content with images gets more than twice the engagement than those without images. You should always use vivid, high-resolution images in your content. Also, note that it’s better if you use images with people’s faces in them. The human eye can recognize faces, so images with faces are more captivating. Though, beware of cheesy stock images because these can come off as generic or inauthentic, thereby turning your customers off. 
  1. Your chances of getting more engagement increase by 33% by posting with emoticons or emojis. So, basically, video posts with emojis in the captions are the ones who receive the most engagement. But be sure to not overuse or put too many emojis because they can be distracting and a turn-off. It might also not fit your brand’s tone if you have a more formal or serious copy.
  1. 78% of consumers who complain about a brand on Twitter expect a brand response within the same hour. This means that constantly monitoring your accounts or brand’s pages is necessary so you can respond to concerns, comments, or questions. Ignoring complaints from angry customers on social media can fuel frustration. In contrast, if you react quickly with clarifications, there’s a chance for you to appease them and turn them into repeat customers. Users with the same opinion or thoughts about your brand may see your response and give a good reaction as well.

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  1. Mobile devices are used by 91% of all social media users. Additionally, about 80% of all time spent on social media is accessed through mobile platforms. You have to make sure the social ads you run appear on mobile phones in a smartphone-appropriate format. You should also start addressing a mobile audience. Facebook Ads Manager actually has a feature where you can track which type of devices most of your ad clicks come from. This helps you to adjust your targeting appropriately.
  1. Pinterest has a shocking 25% of all retail website referral traffic! Even though Pinterest has a lower engagement rate than other social media platforms, it can still be a useful tool for generating sales. If you have an e-commerce site, use Pinterest. Besides pins and boards, Pinterest is also a sophisticated platform just like the big ones; Facebook and Twitter.
  1. 56% of all adults that have internet access use more than one social media platform. Well, yes, Facebook is presently the most widely used and popular social media site. Still, it doesn’t mean you should limit your social media marketing strategy to just one platform. You can also set up accounts on different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your business. This way, you have a greater chance of reaching a bigger audience.
  1. According to social media marketing statistics, the amount of money projected to be spent on social media will eventually outgrow TV ad spend shortly in the future. In the past years, TV advertising has been revolutionary for businesses. Still, with social media ads, you can include specific targeting options, and you can be closer to your target audience than with TV ads alone. Additionally, in partnership with pre-recorded TV options, Movies, and TV streaming services like Netflix and Viu give the viewers a choice to skip commercials. This makes TV advertising much harder. Suppose you have been focusing on using TV advertising in the past. In that case, it’s about time for you to consider putting your advertising efforts into social media.
  1. 49% of people in the ages of 18-29 usually purchase something after encountering a social media ad about it. Moreover, 77% of all millennials report that they make a purchase after seeing a product on Facebook, online, or in-store. Don’t be quickly disappointed with social media advertising if your ads aren’t resulting in acquisitions. This just means you may have to slightly alter or take a different approach to attain the expected outcome. 

Some enhancement tactics comprise switching to a lead generation campaign to gather phone numbers or email addresses to directly reach your potential consumers. You can also edit your audience according to your website visitors’ demographic analytics or retargeting ads and aiming it to your previous website visitors to eventually turn them into customers.

  1.  People spend two hours on social media sites each day, on average. Naturally, you’ll want some of that time to be used in viewing your posts and ads as an entrepreneur. The majority of social media platforms place ads directly into the newsfeeds of users. These ads are designed to resemble regular posts; otherwise, there’s a chance they’ll be ignored as other types of website ads might be.
  1. 77% of people who use Twitter reveal that they view the brand more positively when their tweet or concern has been replied to by its Twitter account. This comes to show that you have to regularly check and monitor your brand’s social media accounts. Make sure to check hashtags connected with your brand and respond to replies and/or tweets accordingly.

If you’re still contemplating on using social media marketing for your brand, optimistically, these social media marketing statistics have convinced you and helped you wonderfully! 

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