13 Foolproof Tactics for Instagram Marketing Success

Instagram is one of the most popular and influential social media platforms that can be used by businesses to promote their products or services. And just like other platforms, it offers a dramatic reach for companies who want to establish and grow their brand online. 

So, if you’re one of those companies looking for another great strategy to achieve social media success, you should include Instagram marketing in your overall plan. 

It can help you reach new audiences, build strong customer relationships, boost your engagement, improve your brand visibility, and generate more sales for your business. 

13 Successful Instagram Marketing Tips

Each day, more and more people are discovering new products or services on this visual-based platform, and it’s vital for you to advertise your brand in a place where millions of potential customers are already searching. 

The competition in Instagram marketing is tight, but success is not impossible. 

Here are some of the most effective tips that can help lead your business to the top:

#1 Set up an Instagram Business account

You need to create a great presence on Instagram if you want to use it as a marketing tool. Create an Instagram Business account and give your target audience a clear idea of what your brand is all about and what it offers.

Here are the benefits of having an Instagram Business profile:

  • Potential customers can opt to get in touch with you before visiting your profile by clicking the CTA button. 
  • Track metrics like impressions and reach by checking Instagram’s free analytics tool, Insights.
  • Create and run Instagram ads without depending on Facebook’s ad tools. 
  • Boost the chances of your content getting seen on people’s feeds more often. 

#2 UtilizeSponsored Ads

Utilizing paid or sponsored ads is one of the most essential Instagram marketing tips that you should include in your strategy. It will help boost your target audience to reach in a cost-effective way. 

Here are other reasons why you should run Sponsored Ads for your brand:

  • Facebook and Instagram are connected with each other. So, if you’re already running ads on Facebook, you can also run it on Instagram. You will also be able to manage your ads from both channels with ease – from creation to budgeting. 
  • Get a better conversion rate at a low cost from engaging and non-intrusive Sponsored ads. 
  • You can use both videos and images when advertising your products or services. 
  • The ads will occupy the user’s entire mobile screen, making them hard to miss and notice. 

#3 Partner with influencers

If you want to effectively reach your target audience, collaborating with Instagram influencers can help you get the job done.

Since these influencers already have a huge following, partnering with them will help increase the presence of your products or services, and give you an opportunity to attract more prospects. You will also be able to boost both your conversions and sales through them as most consumers trust their recommendations.

However, it’s important to do your research and make sure that you’re talking to the right influencers. Take a look at their followers. Are they relevant to your brand and what you’re offering? If not, you won’t get the results you want.

#4 Do cross-promotion

Promote your Instagram Business profile on other social media accounts – it is also an effective way to boost engagement and following. If you have already built a follower base on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, encourage them to follow you on Instagram as well. 

Your brand will get even more exposure by means of cross-promotion, which in turn would help you reduce the cost of producing new content and improve your brand image. 

Here’s how you can cross-promote across social: 

  • Post your Instagram content on other social media accounts by using content management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite
  • Draw more traffic by promoting your video content on LinkedIn and Facebook. 
  • Increase your followers by advertising your Instagram giveaways and contests on other channels. 

#5 Do Instagram Analytics

After crafting and executing your Instagram marketing campaigns, you should analyze and track their performance. Doing this will help improve not just the effectiveness of your campaigns, but your overall strategy as well. 

Here are some tips on how to track the right metrics on Instagram.

  • Number of followers – This vanity metric can help determine the effectiveness of content and posting frequency.
  • Engagement Rate – This metric includes content likes, comments, and shares, which will help you determine the right steps to take to boost audience engagement. 
  • Click-Through Rate – This represents the number of customers who clicked the website URL you posted on social to purchase your products or services. 

#6 Take advantage of hashtags

Hashtags are very significant when it comes to social media marketing. Including them in your posts can help boost your online presence, and reach a wider group audience. However, in order to make the most out of their benefits, you should utilize them strategically.

Here are the types of hashtags that you should add to your content: 

  • Content hashtags. This type is used within your Instagram posts. They may seem simple and not very popular, but when you use them and ensure that they’re relevant to your audience, your posts will become more visible on your prospects’ feeds. 
  • Campaign-specific hashtags.  These hashtags are used for brand promotion. They are usually a company’s slogan or name and used for the marketing campaigns you run. Make sure that they are catchy and unique to catch people’s attention. 

#7 Create an engaging bio

Your Instagram bio is the first thing that social media users will see when they click your Instagram account. 

These are the parts that you need for an engaging Instagram bio:

  • Profile photo: It should be relevant to your business, brand, and offerings. You can use your brand logo or a photo of yourself.
  • Username & Name: Choose the right username and name for your Instagram account so that people can easily find it. 
  • Bio: You only have 150 characters to make a good impression on your audience, so write it carefully. Make each word count. 
  • Website: Place the link of your website in the bio. 
  • Call-to-Action Buttons: Include an engaging call-to-action, such as email, message, or call, on Instagram’s CTA button to encourage audiences to take action. 

#8 Level up your content plan

If you want to have a successful Instagram marketing strategy, planning what type of content to post is also important. You won’t be able to grab the attention of your target audience if your content is not valuable. So, strategize it beforehand to generate engaging posts. 

Focus on producing product-centric videos and photos to build awareness. You should also give your audiences a behind-the-scenes look to showcase your company culture and avoid too much sales-driven content.

You may generate both user-generated and in-house content, too, depending on what you want to accomplish through your marketing strategy.

#9 Create posts in advance

Be consistent with posting not just on Instagram, but also on other social media platforms. It’s also ideal to produce content in advance to save time and effort. 

Keep these things in mind while creating a month’s worth of posts:

  • Know the events that will occur in the coming months. Have a clear idea about the post you would be published along with any of your special product offers to craft relevant content. 
  • Edit your videos and images properly before scheduling. Make sure that they have the right sizes so that you won’t need to do rush edits before uploading. 
  • Schedule your posts using Buffer, Hootsuite, or other social media management tools. You can schedule your content for the whole month and set the best times to ensure that your target audience won’t miss any of it.  

#10 Sell through Instagram

Take your brand to the next level by selling your products or services through this visual-based platform. Yes, you can transform it into a sales funnel to increase your sales. 

However, you need to take note that selling on this channel is a bit different in many ways. For example, you won’t be able to add an external link to your posts if you don’t have the paid post feature. 

In other words, you need to build a strong brand image and follow some proven measures to lead your potential customers into the sales funnel. You can do this successfully by: 

  • It is not necessary to post every day. However, make sure to follow relevant experts, interact with content on your feed, and comment on their videos and photos. This will help your brand get noticed. 
  • Make your profile look natural and aesthetic – don’t post product promotions too much. Include posts that reflect your business’s beliefs and ideologies. Publish inspirational quotes. Let your followers understand your vision to deepen your connection with each other. 
  • Publish photos with real people. For example, if you’re selling dietary supplements, you have the opportunity to have people in your photos taking your protein powder. Social media users love content that looks natural. Involve real people in some of your posts to make your brand seem more credible. 

#11 Do Instagram contests

Building engagement with your target audience is key to Instagram marketing success, and running contests or giveaways can do just that. You can either require your followers to like your photos or leave a comment with hashtags in order to qualify for the competition. You can also ask them to take and upload a photo of themselves promoting your products. 

This will help increase your brand’s exposure on Instagram and attract more potential customers.  

#12 Share Instagram Stories

Another thing that you need to consider is sharing authentic content through Instagram Stories. Your brand can be noticed by target audiences easily if you post raw content using this feature. Share behind-the-scenes, product promotions, create polls, ask questions, and more. It’s a great way to boost engagement.  

#13 Establish your community

You have to make sure that your followers are eager and excited to engage with your content in order to get a favorable return on investment. Know more about them, ask questions, and be unique. Doing these activities will help you build an engaged community in the long run. 

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