12 Reasons Why Social Media is the Best Marketing Platform for Businesses


Most of us are aware of how social media is indeed beneficial in our daily lives. As we are in the digital world today, the way of traditional business advertising shifted to online marketing. However, there are numerous ways to market your business, but only some of them were effective, and amongst the ways, social media is the most effective. 

You may be asking, what makes social media marketing effective? 

Easy Media Team is thrilled to share with you 12 reasons why this is the best platform for your business!

  • The active social media users are now at 3.03 billion.

With this huge number of social media users, there is no doubt how traditional marketing methods were overruled by social media marketing. With all the social media platforms, Facebook with 2.072 billion users spearheaded the 3.03 billion count, followed by Youtube with 1.5 billion users and Wechat by 1.12 billion respectively.

  • Every 15 seconds, a new social media user is born.

Social media users are continuing to grow at a faster rate every time. The count grew by 121 million between the second quarter and the third quarter of 2017. With the thought in mind that your market audience is growing, you can assure that every dollar you spent and time invested will be worth it.

  • Direct access to users is important.

Communication between you and your market is needed. Through social media, you have the capacity to reach and communicate with your target market anywhere around the globe. Promoting your brand easily is one of the major turn-ons of using social media. Your audiences may have questions and you can have the ability to answer their queries right away by chatting or having a conversation, with the power of social media.

  • You can build your brand followers.

Establishing your connection between you and your target audience is important. And through social media, users who are interested in your brand can follow you. So they can see whenever you post and share your updates on your brand’s profile on social media. Your followers can share their comments and suggestions for your business so that you can be aware of what they are looking for.

  • As the number of followers grows, your business grows.

As the followers of your brand’s social media account increases, this means that the number of interested people on your business also grows. The number of audiences reached is important for you to know how well your social media presence is going. Social media enables you to have your connection to your market and also to promote your business.

  • Social media helps in establishing your brand.

Maintaining your presence on social media is as important as growing your followers. When people first learn about your brand, the tendency for them is to search for your website or your social media accounts. And when they are inspired and satisfied with how your social media and your brand goes, there is no doubt for them not to click the ‘follow’ button.

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  • Build a relationship between your followers.

Among your followers, you also have your friends or families who could do the personal recommendation of your business with their friends and the friends of their friends. They can also post their recommendations and comments on your brand online, which will help you in making your audience bigger and your brand to grow. They can tag your social media account on the product reviews that may be doing and will widen your audience reach. That is why having a strong relationship with your followers could be helpful in growing your brand. 

  • Maintain your customer’s trust.

With building your relationship with your followers, trust comes along. Sharing live updates, such as Instagram stories will make your audience updated on what you are up to and they will have a sense of knowing your brand well. As we are on social media, if an audience comments on your post, and asks you a question, your personal reply with their queries will definitely come a long way.  Building trust may be hard, but it will benefit you and your business in the long run.

  • Know your target audience.

For you to be able to know your target audience, you must know your brand well. Find out if your business is seasonal or not. The target audience is more than just the ages or the males or females, but know who might like and be interested in your brand. Social media allows you to know what your audiences you’re looking for, on the products and services that they want to purchase.

  • Social media has engagement and hashtags.

When people engage with your posts, you can immediately know that they are interested. You must have and build worthy and engaging social media content. Also, when you post your updates, you must never forget incorporating unique hashtags of your captions and comments in the posts of your brand. Since hashtags are clickable, your audiences can quickly have access to your other posts or other related posts. Hashtags are one of the most helpful features of using social media, that is why social media marketing is known for the “viral contents” that they create.

  • Imagine if your brand went ‘viral’.

Virality is always anchored with the use of social media. This means that your post has gained more than your expected reach and attention. People nowadays are attracted to what the ‘viral’ or ‘trend’ is all about. That is why you must always be updated on the trends as well as the exposure of your posts to your audiences.

  • People remember 80% of what they see.

Nowadays, people have a more vogue sense of keeping aesthetics. And it is known that as we are here on social media, customers are more likely to respond to the visuals because they remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and 10% of they hear. 

As these 12 facts why social media is the best business platform presented, social media is indeed important in marketing and growing your business.

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