12 LinkedIn Engagement Tricks That Actually Work

LinkedIn is a great platform to use if you’re looking to expand your personal network or grow your company profile. You will be able to build brand awareness and increase website traffic for your business through this platform, especially when used right.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are using it wrong. They simply copy and paste their latest blog posts for promotion, which is not the best way to generate LinkedIn engagement, leads, and sales.

In this article, Easy Media will outline 12 effective tricks that can help your brand attract more potential clients and establish lasting partnerships with other companies in your industry.

LinkedIn Engagement Tips for Businesses

LinkedIn is a very useful platform when it comes to any business-related activity. You can use it to establish your B2B company’s brand, engage in discussions about the latest growth tactics, or simply promote your professional blog.

However, as mentioned earlier, great results will only show when you use LinkedIn right. And unfortunately, most content on this platform is either outrageously cheesy or boring – neither of which social media users wants to read and consume.

Follow these 12 surefire tactics to boost your engagement, leads, and sales using LinkedIn:

1. Update your profile information

Outdated information won’t leave a good impression on your profile and your target audience will assume that you’re not active or worth engaging with. On top of that, you will be left out of relevant search results because LinkedIn users often search based on criteria like location, job position, company, and industry.

People won’t find you easily if you’re not relevant. So, don’t forget to update your profile information on LinkedIn, especially if you’ve started a new position at work or mastered a new skill.

2. Promote on your personal profile

Using a company page on this platform is valuable. It can provide audiences with more information about your brand, support a network of your team, and link out to your homepage to drive traffic.

However, when it comes to views and greater audience engagement, promoting on a personal LinkedIn profile is a much better option. You can also send personal messages or connection requests and use LinkedIn Publisher, which can’t be done on company pages.

And since people want to connect with other people, they are more likely to follow a personal profile rather than a company page. That’s why you should be posting from your own profile to reach and engage more audience.

3. Showcase a professional appearance

Use polished photos when setting up your profile. This platform is for professionals, so make sure that both your headshot and background images show professionalism.

It doesn’t mean that you should be formal and buttoned-down. For instance, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie if you’re in the creative industry. You just need to invest in a high-quality and professional-looking image for your headshot.

Don’t use the default background image of LinkedIn. Choose a quality image that represents your standing in the industry, your brand, and location. This will allow you to showcase valuable information and communicate your brand message better with other people.

4. Produce compelling content

One way to boost LinkedIn engagement is to produce compelling content. Make sure that each post clearly communicates your brand story, has relevant keywords, and provides value to your target audience.

The most important content in your profile is its headline and summary. The former acts as an elevator pitch, so you should craft something that can hook people instantly. The latter, on the other hand, should clearly define what you offer and how those offerings can help your audience.

Write an engaging summary by:

  • Avoiding acronyms and jargons
  • Use simple language
  • Communicate how your products or services are different from your competitors
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Don’t use superlatives and hype
  • Make it easy to skim
  • Add a link of your website and social media channels
  • Place a contact information

5. Include articles in your content strategy

Include article creation when planning your content. Yes, LinkedIn Publisher articles don’t create a lot of engagements because people need to click the link first to count as one. But these clicks could also be a strong sign that the audience is truly interested in your brand.

So, don’t worry if the number of clicks is small. Just continue to produce and share valuable articles to your profile.

 6. Optimize your posts

Optimize all of your posts if you want to increase your engagement.

Posts are short content, including quick shares and status updates. They don’t work the same as other social media networks, though. While Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook need visuals to attract audience, posts on this platform tend to be more effective if they only contain texts.

You have up to 1,300 characters per content. However, the first 2 to 3 lines are the most critical because everything after those parts will be hidden, unless your readers click the “see more” option.

Be concise. Use the right format and make your sentences short. To break up the post, it’s also a great idea to include emojis and utilize spacing. Don’t share external links, too – it’s one of the most common mistakes of LinkedIn users. Put those links in the comment section instead.

7. Include CTAs

Turn your audience into loyal followers by adding call-to-actions on your content. And since people who come across your profile are more likely to follow you than build a connection, it’s a great idea to replace your default CTA button to “Follow”.

This can help grow your network faster, leading to more engagement, and possibly leads and sales. Plus, once they follow you, you can reach out and encourage them to interact with you personally.

8. Proofread and edit

Like what we’ve mentioned a couple of times, this platform is for professionals. That’s why you need to establish a strong credibility and standing within its community. But, how can you keep this good image if your profile and content is full of spelling and grammatical errors?

So, prevent harming your image by proofreading all of your content. You can use various online proofreading tools to help you out if you don’t have a content editor on your team. One of the best apps to use is Grammarly.

9. Optimize for mobile

Make sure that your profile, content, videos, and images still function well on the mobile LinkedIn app. Optimize all of them, especially the character limits of your posts, because both your articles and profile can rank in SERPs. Make it mobile-friendly to continuously drive more traffic and increase your online presence.

10. Get recommendations

Recommendations from customers provide a third-party validation that you’re a credible and well-established brand. They’re like a form of social proof that can help increase engagement. So, start asking for recommendations if you don’t have any yet.

Ask past clients and professional contacts if they can share specific information about your brand to make the most out of their reviews. Always remember that quantitative accomplishments can capture more people than generic ones.

11. Highlight your skills

LinkedIn provides different options that can help leverage your profile more.

You can highlight the volunteer work you’ve done, languages you know, honors or awards, causes you care about, and all the patents you hold. Showcasing your great skills creates new opportunities for your brand to connect with more people.

12. Build connections

One of the greatest ways to increase engagement is to actively increase your LinkedIn connections. Target the key professionals in your industry, including thought leaders and influential people to quickly increase your networks by thousands.

Send personal connection requests – let them know why you would like to connect and mention a group, hobby in common, or a person. Don’t forget to include a personal touch on each request so it won’t look generic.

Grow your network by boosting your LinkedIn engagement

Now that you know how you can increase your audience engagement in this professional platform, it will be easier for you to connect with your target audience and turn them into followers. Just make sure to optimize and update your profile, produce compelling content, and build connections with thought leaders to achieve consistent growth.