12 Instagram Marketing Agency Tips You Must Know

Have you been taking an interest in social media marketing? Or even getting to an agency to boost up your sales? Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place. Today is the time to look for great opportunities to set yourself apart from your competitors and improve your branding message. 

Instagram is a photo-centric social media platform growing and growing and is now second only to Facebook when it comes to attracting audiences. It has 1 billion active monthly visitors, as claimed by Hootsuite. In fact, it is one of the topmost engaged social media platforms, second only to Facebook, which is why engagement in Instagram is growing for business. Brands are expected to interact 4 times or more with their users, increasing by 29%.

Are you now thinking of starting a brand page on Instagram but is not quite sure how? Well, worry, not. There are lots of things to consider, from improving your branding to increasing engagement and sales. Continue scrolling because Easy Media Team will teach you some quick tricks and tips.

Here are 12 easy and must-know tips from our Instagram marketing agency.

  1. Do you have a killer profile photo?

Primarily, the first tip would be putting a display photo that will surely attract potential customers. Make sure to use a picture that shows your brand’s overall vibe but stays within your branding guidelines as well. Of course, it’s natural to use your logo as your profile picture, but you must also pinpoint what you want your audience to feel about your brand. Choosing a photo with quality that is distinct and crisp is essential.

  1. Put a detailed bio.

You should know that people can find you through keyword searches, and you should definitely use this to your advantage. First, write a descriptive bio about your business using action verbs and keywords. Then, choose the best parts, and with it, form a cohesive bio.

Take into consideration what your buyers will think when they read it. Clarity is key. Inform them about what your service or product does better than other competitors and why they must choose it.

  1. Authenticity is a must.

One thing you must never forget is to just be yourself! Social media is all about connecting and engaging with all kinds of people. Naturally, people would be more attracted to authentic content. Exaggerating and stilted language in your posts can turn Instagram users off. Reveal the humans behind your brand. Abstract thoughts and vague references won’t appear or be interpreted as genuine.

  1. Do you post consistently?

Keep in mind that consistency is vital. Make sure to post at regular intervals. It can be two or three times per week so that your page is always up-to-date. This will also help you make sure that you are staying relevant to your followers. An Instagram account that remains stagnant will eventually be forgotten. Having no new content means you also have no progress for your brand.

  1. Share relevant messages.

Posting regularly is a must, but it’s not enough. It’s not just about posting, but you should also present content relevant to your page and inform your followers about your brand or what’s happening with it. Random posting will do no help and will just be a waste of time. Think of what you should post that will represent your brand well.

Try using photos that will explain or reveal the message you want your followers to know. Be consistent in the color scheme, theme, or filters in all your posts. Your captions must be short but catchy and optimistic at the same time.

  1. Put hashtags in your posts.

Hashtags are one of the critical essentials of using Instagram successfully. It increases visibility and helps you reach a wider audience. 

You can also use hashtags in various ways. Don’t hesitate to be creative. You can make hashtags about your branding efforts and use them consistently. It will help you build brand awareness. Also, use some industry hashtags. These are phrases or words that can be used as a search tool. Leveraging hashtags is undoubtedly one of the most useful methods when it comes to growing an audience.

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  1. Share some video content.

Do you really think that you can utilize Instagram to its full potential by only using photos? Of course, short videos, teasers, or how-to-videos for your buyers’ common questions can help in maintaining relevance in the enormous online market. When used strategically, you can gain more followers. Besides, it also adds a flair to your brand’s page as videos can keep your audience entertained.

  1. Do you post at optimum times?

Examine your posts and pinpoint what time of the day or the exact day you get the most interaction and engagement from your audience. Also, you should know the time when your followers are most active so that you’ll know when you’ll post. When you’re active at the same time they’re active, your connection will strengthen, and your engagement will grow because you can communicate with them.

  1. Include CTAs.

Provide call-to-action or CTAs to boost engagement. These CTAs must be actionable and concise. “Join here” is one example of a high performing CTA.

You must also keep in mind to deliver what you promised with your calls-to-action. Don’t post one that will motivate your audience to act but will end up disappointing them once they click through.

  1. Motivate your audience with click campaigns.

Drive your audience to start taking action. Influence your target audience to click through to additional information. Take them to a page on your website for them to be informed about your brand so they can be added to your prospect list.

  1. Is your website well-optimized?

A low-ranking and badly laid-out website is a no-no! It just hinders conversions no matter where the engagement started. If your page presents well, website traffic increases, and you can gain more audience. 

It should not be difficult to navigate through your website. Comprise a number of meta words and proper keywords. Even if you have to pay a professional service, perform testing so that you can make sure your website is well-optimized before you start an Instagram marketing initiative.

  1. Employ a marketing agency.

Hiring a marketing agency that specializes in Instagram might just be the best thing you can do for your brand. They are the experts in making high-performing profiles, and their experience will also help you in using Instagram to its maximum. These marketers know what hashtags to employ and several other audience-building strategies. 

You should also note that they are always up-to-date with the latest trends or whatever changes there are in these social media networks. You will be able to adapt to sudden changes that will typically make you panic, but with their help, you won’t. So, you should definitely get help from an expert Instagram marketing agency.

For the final takeaways, these 12 marketing tips, when using Instagram, will be useful to your business. These tips give several ideas when forming a concrete plan and building strategies to boost engagement and followers. Use them strategically, and wisely and you will see your efforts become fruitful.

Whether it’s your first time doing Instagram Marketing or have already done it yourself, we at Easy Media Team can help you out!

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