12 Instagram Business Profile Optimization Tips

An engaging social media presence matters a lot if you want to more money on Instagram. And one way to boost your presence is to include Instagram Business profile optimization in your marketing strategy.

Millions of companies use Instagram to promote their brand to a wider group of audience nowadays. It has become the new home for businesses. Yes, the competition between brands in this visual-based platform suddenly became tough, and we expect that it will be tougher in the following years.

But, don’t worry because even if it’s your first time to promote on Instagram, you can still catch up to the game – all you need to do is to build an effective social media strategy for your business and create a profile that captures the attention of your target audience.

Optimization Tips for Instagram Business Profiles

Make the most of your social media marketing efforts before the year 2020 ends. Try optimizing your Facebook and Instagram profiles to attract more potential clients, and possibly influencers that would like to collaborate with your brand!

Here are some of the most effective optimization tactics that you can use:

1. Be authentic

Allow your audience and followers see the raw parts of your brand. Social media has received a lot of criticisms when it comes to the appearance of perfection. Take that opportunity to change the perception of people and show the real you. Be authentic, be you.

2. Use your logo

Brand recognition is important for social media success. One way to do strengthen it is to make your profile photo easily identifiable. Use your logo as the profile image, not just on Instagram, but also on other social media channels. Use a headshot, on the other hand, if you are your brand.

3. Fine tune your bio

People can find your profile quickly if you fine tune your bio. Add relevant keywords in your description. It’s also recommended to include some emojis, use special fonts, and add a call to action to catch attention and stand out.

Make your bio look busy, but keep your purpose clear. It is one of the first things audience read when they visit an Instagram profile, make everything count.

4. Go Live

Another great way to optimize your Instagram Business profile is to go Live. Instagram’s algorithm is set to benefit you when you go live, alerting your followers and giving you a chance to engage with them more.

5. Create a URL for your bio

Build a URL that you can easily Track. This will help you get the necessary metrics and allow you to continuously optimize your profile. You will be able to determine where the traffic comes from and how many users clicked your link.

6. Connect with followers

Boost your engagement so that your audience can see your Instagram Business profile more. Yes, engagement is also a part of the platform’s algorithm, so you should always interact with your followers.

7. Share content strategically

Tell your brand’s story across the platform accurately. But to do this, you need to create a content calendar and strategize your social media posts. The captions and images you share create a brand experience for your audience and followers, so make sure to convey the right content and message to them.

8. Use relevant hashtags

Do in-depth research and find relevant hashtags. Then, add them in the comment section of each post. You can find hashtags by tracking what your competitors are using on their own posts. You should also take a look at what influencers in your industry are using to make your content and profile more relevant.

9. Produce discoverable content

Ask users to not tag your photos. Instead, encourage them to use a customized hashtag to make the content more discoverable across Instagram. When you’re tagged in a photo, only the people who follow you will see it. But if you use hashtags, just like what we’ve mentioned before, your profile will be available to a wider group of audience.

10. Collaborate with influencers

Perform influencer marketing tactics. Partner with other influencers or popular brands in Instagram to boost social reach. Use people that add value to your brand and those who can help you attract more potential customers.

11. Make captivating headlines

Choose your words very carefully, especially the first two lines of your captions. You have to captivate the attention and interest of your audience with at least ten words, make them count.

If your captions are captivating enough, you will be able to entice your target audience to view the rest of the caption, and possibly, check your whole profile. Always experiment and try new things.

12. Use new Instagram features

Don’t ignore the new IG features because they can also help your brand grow. They may not apply for all businesses, but it can be argued that each new feature from this platform is designed to boost audience engagement. Countdown timers, stickers, GIFs, polls, Q & As, and more – they are all there for you.

Level Up Your Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is constantly growing. It is continuously changing its algorithms and adding new features – make sure to keep up with the pace as it is one of the best things you can do for your business. Stay up-to-date, don’t fall behind. Follow these tips to keep your content fresh and profile relevant!