10 Proven Tips To Rank in Social Media Search Engines

The connection between social media and search rank has long been a complicated subject. While social media marketing may not affect search results directly, it is agreeable that your social media presence can help you rank higher on social media search engines. 

Yes, other than ranking your brand on search engines like Google and Bing, it is also important to make it on top of social media search results. By doing this, users will be able to find your brand easily, boosting your online visibility and brand awareness further. 

But, how can you do it?

In this article, Easy Media will share 10 proven tips that can help bring your brand in front of a wider group of audience. From creating relevant content to making your business stand out from the competition – we got you covered. 

Effective Ways to Rank in Social Media Search Engines

Social SEO is not just about Google. Since billions of searches are made on social media platforms every day, they are becoming search engines themselves.

In other words, ranking higher when potential customers search for a particular post within a social media channel can also give a big boost to your business. 

Improve your social media search engine ranking with these results-driven tricks:

#1 Post relevant content

Providing relevant content is an important part of search engine optimization. So naturally, it should also be included in your social media marketing strategy. 

If you consistently provide value, social media users will follow, engage, and listen to you. You can do this by:

  • Sharing content that represents your brand voice and personality.
  • Being updated and joining conversations about the latest trends around your industry.
  • Posting informative content on a regular basis and not just about sales copies.

#2 Look at your analytics

Once you’ve built your social media strategy, you’ll want to analyze and measure your marketing efforts. Use social media analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to measure the progress of your marketing efforts and the performance of your campaigns. 

By looking at your analytics, you will be able to identify if you are driving your target audience back to your website. Are they actually engaging with you? Do they explore your entire web page and contact you, or just simply bounce off? 

Track important metrics to determine the effectiveness of your social media search engine tactics, and allow you to fix them for better results. 

#3 Post quality images

Gone are the days when people settle with free photo downloads and sharing sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Flickr. 

Visual content is the key to quality social media content. 

Take pictures of your products. If your business is into services, then you can take a picture of your staff or yourself while doing the services to your clients. Repurpose your blogs and create infographics out of them. It’s also a great idea to provide social proofs by posting user-generated content. 

Be creative! 

#4 Interact with your audience

There is a saying that what you give is what you get. In order for you to receive engagement, you must give it to your prospects, too. 

Here is the rundown on what engagement means from a social media search engine perspective:

  • Speed

    The faster you reply to your audience’s comments, questions, or private messages the more they’ll want to engage with you. More engagement also means that your account can be included on Instagram’s Explore Page.  

If you don’t have a lot of time to provide quick responses to comments, you can hire a social media manager to get the job done. 

  • Personalized

    Many businesses make the mistake of sounding too promotional. People will definitely unfollow you on social media if you only talk about your brand and the products or services you offer. 

So, make sure to make personalized interactions. Humanize your brand and produce content that can answer their questions. Talk more about them and how your brand can help solve their problems. 

Making them feel heard and appreciated. This can make a lot of difference in the long run. 

  • Brand distinction

    Make sure that you have a distinct voice that your audience will remember over time. This will make you stand out from the competition and reach more prospects. 

#5 Know where your audience is

Determining what channels your target audience use often is also an important tip that you should follow if you want to rank across social media search engines. To do this, you have to know more about your target audience, especially their age. 

Age is a good indicator of what networks they like to use the most. 

For instance, Twitter is perfect for all ages as it’s considered a news source. On the other hand, if your target is older age groups, you can promote your brand on Facebook. 

Instagram and Snapchat are for younger generations or millennials, while Pinterest is mostly used by women. If you’re trying to attract professionals, looking for new employees, or finding new business partnerships, LinkedIn is the best platform for you.  

Promoting on multiple channels is a great idea, too, as most social searches utilize a couple of social media search boxes. Just make sure that your prospects are on the channels you’re using to ensure great outcomes.

#6 Utilize hashtags

Hashtags definitely have a place in social media search results – they are a great way to be seen organically on social. However, you have to know the optimal number of hashtags needed to rank on search results. 

For instance, you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, but you actually need 9 hashtags to optimize and rank your content. For Facebook and Twitter, 1 hashtag is enough for optimization. 

Yes, even if you can use a lot of hashtags in a single post, it doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. What you need to do is to look for the most relevant hashtags and make each one of them count. 

Not all people are familiar with hashtags. For instance, Facebook. The platform serves older generations, so one or two hashtags are enough. On the other hand, Instagram requires more hashtags because younger generations like to use them when looking for something. 

#7 Don’t forget about blogging

Blogging is not just for content marketing; it is used for social media marketing, too. 

If you want to drive more traffic to your blog, one of the best tricks that you should do is to integrate social media into it. Social media users will most likely bookmark your website to read more if you provide enough value to your content.

Try sharing your content on bookmarking websites like Digg and Reddit. These tools will allow users to bookmark and share your blogs with ease. 

#8 Optimize for mobile

Enhance your mobile user’s experience to achieve guaranteed short and long-term traffic. Make your homepage mobile-friendly and make sure that all pages are loading smoothly. 

#9 Consider influencer marketing

Nowadays, most brands rely on influencers to boost their social reach, even popular companies like Adidas and Nike. Influencer marketing is very effective, especially if you collaborate with the right people. 

Since users are completely ignoring ads on social media, influencers can help your business connect better with its prospects and prevent “ad blindness”

#10 Use a lookalike audience

Lookalike Audiences is a segmentation tool offered by Facebook, which helps brands find audiences whose interests and demographics are similar to those of your current followers. If you’re looking for high-converting users, this powerful marketing tool can help you out. 

All you need to do is upload the email addresses of your existing followers and customers, and wait for Facebook to identify other users with similar interests and demographic makeup. Once the lookalike audiences are determined, you can run highly-targeted ads to bring them to your social media pages. 

This tool will help boost your following in a short amount of time. 

Make your brand stand out

Being on top of social media search engines is a great way to attract more potential customers and reach consistent growth. Follow these tips to stay ahead and succeed!

If you need help with your social media or website visibility, Easy Media Team is here to help you out!

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