10 Social Media Marketing Techniques That Convert

Posting interactive content is not the only thing that you need to do to make your business stand out on social media. You also need other social media marketing techniques to effectively build your brand, generate leads, and increase sales. 

In this article, Easy Media will share 10 tactics that can assist you in establishing a concrete social media blueprint.

Start driving more conversions today. Read on. 

Build Your Strategy With These Social Media Marketing Techniques

Always remember that social media marketing is a dynamic tool that can help strengthen your overall marketing plan. But if not done right, it can just be a time-consuming task that won’t yield results. 

That’s why you need to know how to strategically develop, execute, and analyze your marketing plan. Here are some tips:  

        #1 Set your goals

Setting your goals is the most basic step before starting anything else. 

Use the SMART goal setting method to build the foundation of a successful marketing plan. Make sure that your objectives are:

  • Specific. Be precise about what you want to achieve out of your social media marketing plan, including your expectations.  
  • Measurable. Tracking your progress and staying motivated is vital for any goal setting.  
  • Achievable. Being realistic towards your goal is the only way for it to be attainable. 
  • Relevant. This goal should also be in accordance with your future social media goals. 
  • Timely. Have a target date for every goal so that your team stays on track. 

          #2 Identify your target audience

Your social media marketing strategy won’t work properly if you’re targeting the wrong people. So, know more about your audience to ensure that your campaigns yield a good return on investment. 

Here’s how you can identify them:

  • Create target market descriptions or customer personas to determine if your marketing plan and content are effective enough to engage them.  
  • Check if your existing customers are aligned with your demographic profile.
  • Look at the followers of your competitors and see who they market to.
  • Track your content performance regularly to make sure that your strategy still aligns with your core values. 

           #3 Choose the right social media platform

Now that you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to select the right channels. This is one of the most essential social media marketing techniques that you need to follow because it can help maximize your social reach. 

Always remember that each social media platform is unique – they have different purposes, audiences, and best practices. There’s no point in wasting your time on a channel if your target audience isn’t there. 

You don’t need to use all of them – just focus your efforts and resources in networks that will generate real results. 

Here are the major social media networks that you can use, and the benefits that they can provide to your business: 

  • Facebook. Perfect for building brand awareness, forming your own social community, and promoting local events.
  • Twitter. A great place to connect with influencers from different industries and share real-time updates about your business.
  • Instagram. Suitable for visual brands that want to create personal connections with their prospects and grow their follower base organically.
  • YouTube. Can be used to promote your products or services through video tutorials and reviews.
  • LinkedIn. A professional channel perfect for recruiting new employees, building business partnerships, and B2B lead generation.
  • Pinterest. If you want to drive more traffic to your blogs and attract more visitors to your e-commerce store, Pinterest is a good platform to use. 


           #4 Hire an experienced social media manager

You should hire a social media manager who has all the skills and experience that brands need in order to win in a very competitive environment.

Social media managers can help you with all things social, allowing you to focus on running other important aspects of your company without missing any opportunities to connect with your target audience. So, don’t settle for less and find the best candidate. 

The best social media manager should have the ability to:

  • Build effective social media marketing strategies
  • Use analytics and create meaningful reports
  • Create compelling and creative content
  • Manage your social community and provide excellent customer service
  • Conduct themselves to prevent bad PR 
  • Use different social media management tools for efficiency

          #5 Be consistent

Nurture your social media initiatives to ensure a profitable marketing strategy. Stand out from the competition by following this social media marketing technique. 

Be consistent in providing great, valuable content to your target audience – this is how you’ll maintain their interest and build lasting relationships with them.  

Here are three tips for your content to stand out:

  • Always keep your target audience in mind when creating social media posts, blogs, webinar invitations, and more. 
  • Content curation is a great way to fill up your social media calendar. Share informative and relevant content posted by others. Avoid posting overly sales-driven content. 
  • Use social media listening tools to know what your target audience and competitors are talking about around social media. With these tools, you will be able to produce content that boosts engagement. 

         #6 Utilize influencer marketing

Other than looking for customer reviews and testimonials, most social media users also rely on the reviews made by popular influencers. People trust their recommendations, simply because they have already established their credibility across social.   

So, if you want to maximize your reach further, you should use influencer marketing and collaborate with credible people online. 

Here are three simple steps on how you can turn them into your advocates and how they can help bring your brand in front of a wider group of audience:  

  • Reach out and build relationships with them.
  • Give an offer to them. Show how you can provide value to them as you strengthen these connections. For instance, promote them on one of your webinars or feature them on your content. 
  • Monitor the promotions they do for your brand to ensure that each post fits your brand image. 
  • Communicate with them regularly. Pay attention to what they say, too, to make sure that you’re both on the same page. 

         #7 Attract more audience

Increase your followers across social media. Always remember that more followers yield more results. So, connect with them consistently and provide them with the best customer service experience. 

Keeping your customers happy is the key to making your business grow. It will not just entice them to buy from you again; it will also encourage them to recommend your brand to their friends and family. 

You can also do giveaways or content to increase the number of your audience, and make sure that your paid ads are highly-targeted to generate a good return on investment.

        #8 Engage with your audience.

Make it a habit to respond to your followers. Whether it’s a question or a complaint, make sure to answer them as soon as possible to make them feel valued. 

You can also tag top followers or give them a “top fan” badge to add a personal touch to your engagement with them. Encourage your customers to take action, too. Include CTAs to get leads, drive traffic, and sales opportunities. 

       #9 Analyze results

Check the success of your social media efforts by measuring the performance of your campaigns every month. Track the important metrics and see what parts of your social media marketing strategy needs to be improved, and which ones should be utilized again. 

Here are the social media measurements that you should monitor:

  • Audience Growth
  • Total Followers
  • Overall Engagement
  • Audience Growth Rate
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Click-through Rate
  • Last Click Conversions
  • Customer Service Cost
  • Influence
  • Bounce Rate
  • Potential Reach

        #10 Test out and Repeat

With your saved metrics from previous marketing campaigns, you can now check what parts need improvements for your future marketing campaigns. 

Use A/B testing or split testing. It is a technique where you can compare two versions of a marketing campaign, and determine which one fits your goal and budget.

Conversion-driven social media marketing techniques for brands

It’s easy to make mistakes when building and executing a social media marketing strategy. You will face a lot of challenges ahead but stay with it. Follow these 10 useful tips to gather more prospects, generate traffic, and boost sales. 

Whether it’s your first time doing social media marketing or have already done it yourself, we at Easy Media Team can help you out!

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